Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Come Up of Mr. Brite at Elegant Hoodness

Mr. Brite is the Prez of HMB Multimedia First Hip Hop Sensation. While on the come up he has been working alongside HMB aka (Hand Made Beats) for some time now. This has been a great aspect of his career. From the studio to the stage, he knows how to “build the energy up” (in my mr. brite voice). While performing Mr. Brite owns the stage and crowd. He has performed his Summertime remix at The Elegant Hoodness Musical Park Tour and showcase at club Pyramid, hosted by A.D. the General. He’s performed at the Laugh Lounge as well. Very much a diverse artist as expressed below. Mr. Brite has a mixtape coming soon called “Thugz Passion”, so be on the look out. Let’s take a moment and find out more.


SPECIALGIFT: Who is Mr. Brite?

MR. BRITE: Is the new kid on the block with that fire for the people . I am a diverse artist with a old school feel down loaded and upgraded to a new sound.

SPECIALGIFT: Polish us up on “Thugz Passion”.

MR. BRITE: A Thugz Passion is a mixture of street fight music, club bangers and of course for my ladies Thug love.

SPECIALGIFT: You’ve performed at Elegant Hoodness several times. Was your experience diverse each time? Elaborate please.

MR. BRITE: Yes I have performed several times at Elegant Hoodness Music Program and each time it taught me more about how to control a crowd (meaning building a better stage show). I also learned how to network with other artist as well as other promoters.

SPECIALGIFT: Tell us about your newest video “Blackout”. Is that your first video? Enlighten us on the process of it.

MR. BRITE: First of all I am so proud of this video because of how tedious my director and I worked on this video for three months. We were shooting scenes during the "Irene hurricane" and it was all worth it .It was a lot of hard work and in the same sentence a bunch of fun.

SPECIALGIFT: What’s up next for you, Mr Brite? Tell us something that would be new for us all, something we can look forward to.

MR. BRITE: Well in the near future I have a mixtape about to be released called Thugz Passion. Coming soon to Mixtape factory. I also will be performing at the Laugh Lounge Nov 1, 2011. Also working with my team mates as well as artist Gorgeous and Mottz Gigante of HMB.

SPECIALGIFT: How can your fans and others possibly looking to network find you?

MR. BRITE: If you want to talk hit me on my twitter @mrbrite77 and you can email me for business only at



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