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Misure aka Gentleman is a native of Virginia. He was first bought to my attention by a fellow media personality in NYC (Tim Hopewell). I recall our first conversation via the telephone. He was so full of energy and he definitely lived up to his name. We exchanged emails and less than hour later I was back on the phone with him. Eager and impressed with his ability to create the beat write the lyrics and his vocal ability reminded of another Virginia native (SICO of Dru Hill). I am genuinely excited about this artist and want to remind where you heard of him first. N.A.B. is always bringing you the rawest and purest talents across the country. Today we introduce to you MISURE!!!

A.D. THE GENERAL: Break down your name Misure?

MISURE: Misure (monsieur) is French for gentleman… I Americanized it lol!! I’m still a true believer that being a gentleman to the ladies will always get you further!

A.D. THE GENERAL: How long have you been singing? And what inspired you to start singing?

MISURE: Wow! My whole life, I actually started as a dancer but always sung on the low. As a matter of fact Actor Affion Crockett (Nick Cannon's wildn out) grew up in the same city and we were in the same dance group. Although I was way younger than him I saw early that not only did I want to dance but wanted to perform! Ever since then I broke my singing silence and began winning shows, contests and events all over north Carolina…

A.D. THE GENERAL: You are also a writer and producer, a triple treat. When did you start producing and do you play any instruments? And which do you prefer if any of the three?

MISURE: I started producing hard about 5 yrs ago. I always had the sounds in my head and had to find away to express them. Through a lot of trial and error I finally feel that I am there as a producer. I produce everything from R&B to Hip Hop, to pop and even rock tracks. I naturally play the piano by ear. My dream is the acoustic guitar. I prefer all three. I feel like if you write, produce and sing your own song every aspect is exactly how you envisioned it. Just like making a sandwich. You and you alone put all the right meats, cheeses and condiments to make it the best meal. That’s my analogy of my music. All beats vocals and production are all Misure, No samples baby!

A.D. THE GENERAL: What do you bring to the table that other R&B artists haven’t bought to the table?

MISURE: Well I will never show any disrespect to any artist but I feel I’m bringing back true emotion of R&B. Back in the pre auto tune day’s artist sung from the heart…their lyrics meant something. You could hear the joy or the pain in their voice. I’m bringing back that type of feel in my music. It’s going to make you laugh, cry and chant along with great hooks and meaningful lyricsBold.

A.D. THE GENERAL: What do you feel about the current state of R&B and has R&B lost its way?

MISURE: I feel it’s been ruined…with a few exceptions in the game of course. It’s all about looks vs voice…remember the Al Green album? Dude had a regular haircut, Kool-Aid grin, and his taco meat hanging out his shirt! today’s listeners would have seen that cover and put it back on the shelf…that album had some of the greatest hits in R&B…smh… People need to realize the voice and meaning of music vs the superficial appearance of an artist… I don’t look half bad though!! lol

A.D. THE GENERAL: If the world could remember you by one quote what would it be?

MISURE: You believe in you before you try to make others believe in you.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Any last words for our reader and where can we listen and or download your music?

MISURE: I realize that without the ear of the average everyday listener that I would be nowhere…some of our successful brothers and sisters in the industry really need to remember that! I am so very grateful to all my fans, friends and believers of MISURE and TEAM MISURE NYC and TEAM MISURE VA. Thank you… My music can be heard on ,, and also follow me and my moves on twitter @marcmisure as well as facebook.. Just search marcus misure george.

Written by: A.D. The General
Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011

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