Tuesday, January 22, 2013



E.H.M.P.:  What does your name RUGBY stand for?

RUGBY: Rugby is a name the streets gave me a few years back, because it was all I wore. I liked the way it sound and I ran with it. It just felt right and it's different.

E.H.M.P.: How did you get acquainted with A.D. The General and The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

RUGBY: Whenever I'm not in the studio or writing some new shit. I'm networking looking for showcases, other artist, etc... I came across A.D., did my research, and her resume was more than valid. So I contacted her and we've been working ever since. Shout out to A.D. because it's a lot of fake promoter's out here, but she ain't one of them.

E.H.M.P.: Do you consider yourself a rapper of mc or both and why?

RUGBY: I'm a MC, even though I do rap, I have the whole package to offer. I can take over any stage and work it like it’s my bathroom mirror. I started off as a rapper; I guess, but after I did my research on legends such as KRS OneRakim and Big L, just to name a few. I ain't been the same since. I took a couple pages out their books and learned from them. You can't be great at this shit if you don't know where it came from and that's a Snapple fact, LOL!  

E.H.M.P.:  Where can we listen to your music?

RUGBY: Soundcloud.com/rugbyrob and youtube just type Rugby Rob in the search box. 

E.H.M.P.:  Who are your top 5 rappers dead or alive?

RUGBY: This is not in no specific order and it’s still tough but my top 5 dead or alive. I have to say BiggiePacJadakissJeezy and you gotta put Hov in there... You can't leave him out any top 5! 

E.H.M.P.: Where can we reach you?

RUGBY: Twitter.com: @rugbymusic1 Instagram:handsome_hustlaa Email:Rugbymusic1@yahoo.com

Written by A.D. The General

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