Friday, January 25, 2013

Who is Swift Junior? Find out with N.A.B.


N.A.B.: How did you come across the name, SWIFT JR.?

SWIFT: I came up with the name because both of my parents were break-dancers from NEW YORK. My dad's dancing name was "VEE SWIFT" and my mom's name was "LADY SWIFT," so why not call myself, "SWIFT JR"

N.A.B.: When did you decide to become a producer? Did someone in particular inspire you?

SWIFT: Well when I was young, I never really knew what a producer was. I always listened to music and ignored the words. I listen to all the instruments in the background that actually made the beat to the song. Then one day, I came across a beat program called "FL STUDIO." It was a demo that came on my aunt's computer when she got it from the store. That day, I realized I can create my own sounds to create my own beat. Ever since thaN, I went and bought the full version of "FL STUDIO" and just practiced everyday. I would go on YouTube everyday, just learning how to use the program until I finally learned and made my first beat. The person that inspired me was a close friend of mines a rapper that goes by the name "ROX VAZQUEZ." When I started to get serious about making beats he was already going to studios and recording. So me just starting to make beats, my 1st goal was to make a beat that he would actually want to make a song to. So, everyday all I would do is keep practicing and going on YouTube learning how to make a beat using "FL STUDIO." Until finally months later, I made a beat he actually like and did a song to.

N.A.B.: Tell us about your latest productions?
SWIFT: A lot of my latest production still haven't been released and are all coming out on projects this year. Like "ROX VAZQUEZ," LINEL, Y-DICKIE and much more. It will be a busy year and I hope to work with much more artist.

N.A.B.: What and who are you presently working with, and on?

SWIFT: Right now I have some placements in the works cant really say cause its not final yet. Also, I'm in the process of working with "ROX VAZQUEZ" and his latest project.

N.A.B.: You were recently apart of Elegant Hoodness beat battle in Philadelphia, New York. Elaborate on that.

SWIFT: Well, I saw A.D. The General post a flyer on Facebook for a beat battle in Philly. Every time I see a beat battle, I'm always down. I contacted her and became part of the whole event. As far as the beat battle, it was a great! Even though it was in Philly, my hometown, New York was heavy in the building and showed me mad love.

N.A.B.: Give us insight on how you create your beats? What equipment do you use?
SWIFT: How I usually start a beat, I just go in start playing with sounds until I find one. Then I start playing and creating a melody. Once I've created my melody, I decide were to go with the beat. Weather it's going to be R&B, Hip Hop, or Reggeaton, I go from there. Then I start to come up with song ideas to complete the beat. As far as equipment, I use "FL STUDIO 10" my MIDI controller is a MPK49, Samson studio monitors, and also "BEATS BY DRE PRO" headphones. Last but not least for recording, I use Pro tools 9 and a MBOX.

N.A.B.: Would you like to elaborate on anything else in particular?
SWIFT: If you have a dream just know there will be people out there that would try to stop that dream from coming true. Its up to you to make that dream a realty just make sure you keep the positive people around you, the ones that believe in your dream.

N.A.B.: Shout outs and social networks.
SWIFT: I got to give a shout out to my family and Friends, A big shout out to my big homie ROX VAZQUEZ, another big shout out to A.D The General for the love and support she gave me. And a shout out to my supporters. and I wanna give a special R.I.P shout to a close friend that always believed in me "DAVE AKA DMC"  .you can follow me on Twitter @SwiftJR and



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