Monday, January 14, 2013


N.A.B.: Where did you get the name Pico Lee?
PICO: I was nicknamed Pico when I was born my aunt gave it to me. And lee is actually my real last name.
N.A.B.: When did you debut as an artist?
Pico:  I was in a group named Da Product me and my partner Don Chino around the yr 2000, but as Picolee I would say 2010.
N.A.B.: Have you had the opportunity to gain radio play or any magazines? If so tell us about them.
PICO: Yes I’m in Viccissitude Magazine for Aug issue of last year and I dropped 2 songs on la mega 1310am That’s a Latin station I have crossed over to embrace both my cultures I am mixed.
N.A.B.: You recently performed at Elegant Hoodness Musical Program in Philadelphia, New York. Tell us about that experience. You opened for Freeway, correct?
PICO: Yes I did open for Freeway and it was an honor because I seen him grow as an artist listening to him on the radio back in the ROC days so it was a blessing to kill the stage.
N.A.B.: You have been nominated as a “Top ten Artist of the Year,” how did that come about?
PICO: A.D. The General showed love and my hard work, and believing in God and me.
N.A.B: Elaborate on any other latest releases and future projects.
PICO:  My mix tape is on (introducing myself as myself) search Picolee my single “Knock um out” Picolee is dropping I’m promoting it now and my new album/mixtape Now and Forever just hit the streets will be up on itunes asap for downloads.
N.A.B.: Where can our viewers stay connected with you? Social networks, website, etc..
PICO: You can find me at /Ps/Keep your dreams alive and you will never die.
Written by – Special Gift (N.A.B.)
Courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2013

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