Thursday, July 28, 2011


Realz The God a.k.a. Mr.Himm

Realz has always been an entertainer. Music is in his blood as his father was and still is a musician. In the summer of 2010 Realz & his father came together to release a track titled "Power of the Dollar". When Realz was in High School besides his love for hip-hop was present. He hooked up with local break-dancers from around the town & they formed one of the illest break dancing crews in the town at that time called "Uptown Breakers". As the Uptown Breakers traveled & competed, his skill & desire to be an MC was noticed. He would free style over songs being played on the radio, which got most of his peer's attention, which made him focus more on the writing of his lyrics. Realz released a series of mix-tapes as a super group called Silva Blaq Soljaz. The group consisted on 6 rap artists and 1 R&B singer. While recording for the mix-tapes Realz and his cousin Shak' decided to form a duo-group called Blood Cuzinz releasing an album called "Blood Thicker than Water". After the incarceration of his cousin Realz decided to focus on himself & his own indie label called "Spazz Outt Entertainment." Focusing on Spazz Outt Ent he Released 2 Mix tapes in 2010 the first one called "Mr. Him the untold story."

& The other called "all bout Bizzness" the A.B.B. mix tape. Spazz Outt Ent went on in January of 2011 to meeting with a group who would be called Ambush City, who went to work collectively on a mix tape to put a spotlight on all of the talent in the city of Perth Amboy. Ambush City and Spazz ENT went on to start their own clothing line, which is now featured in 2 Clothing stores in the city and more stores to come. But their grind did not stop their…Spazz Ent also started a small production called Spazz Outt T.V., focusing on local artist, business and events in the community which you can check out on As you can see Realz the God & Spazz Outt Ent' are already striving and progressing on our own.

N.A.B: For those who may not know, how did the name Realz come about?

Realz: My name was giving to me by my older brother chris aka bann.

N.A.B: Besides your dad, who else made a big impact on your influence and motivation to pursue music?

Realz: My cousin shak he is now doing a life sentence so everyday I wake up its like I have him right in my ear telling me to keep doing this.

N.A.B: What do you feel that you bring to the table and how do you separate yourself from other artist?

Realz: I bring realness to the table; I’m just my self and being yourself separates u enough.

N.A.B: What does Spazz Ent' stand for and how did you go about putting together your own indie label?

Realz: well, Spazzoutt ENT is my company it was something that I really use to do out here on the street. So as I got older an realize what I was doing I said enough with the bull junk lets get money...also I didn’t want to be under any body’s label.

N.A.B: How did you hear about the Elegant Hoodness Programs? What do you think about Adthegeneral’s mission and how has the establishment benefited you as an artist?

Realz: I heard about it from my man Ian Rousey, I think what A.D. is doing is great for artist like me A.D. The General keep up the good work. We need something to channel all this hot music

N.A.B: What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment to this date?

Realz: Putting out these CD’S, I love making music.

N.A.B: As we close who would you like to shout out and tell the people where they can connect with you, your music, clothing line and Production Company?

Realz: Well first off I would like to shout out A.D. THE GENERAL & The whole E.H.M.P, TEAM NAN/NAB, also the hole Ambush camp ,my monsatrr cliq homies and my spazzoutt ent family,u could find me on realz the god ,twitter@realz the god , an also on thank u so much ..

Written by @gsteam843


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