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Remember the 80's when you had rappers like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Krs-One, LL Cool J, Slick Rick and so many others that made you hold your head with their lyrical ability. Well you now have someone who is bringing that back. Self-proclaimed superhero of rap KardiaK born in Queens New York is taken it upon himself to bring back the essence of true Hip Hop music. Then transported to Brooklyn, the Cypress Hills section he attended P.S. 7 & I.S. 171 during which time he still had not begun emceeing. He later went on to attend Murray Bergtraum High School were his passion for hip hop grew. It was not until leaving Murray Bergtraum and attending John V. Lindsay H.S. though, that he discovered his lyrical ability and he began to expose his creative side and his passion for Hip Hop. So with the encouragement of his older brother and his hood, KardiaK decided to pursue his passion for rhyming. Kardiak is out to make the pioneers proud and show everyone what real rap is. The Superhero of rap is here so hold on to your heart because it's Kardiak.

NAB: How are you doing? For those who may not know who is Kardiak?

Kardiak: Kardiak is a quite soul ready to be heard. I'm someone who feels I have something to say and music is the outlet.

NAB: I see that you are putting a big weight on your shoulders, bringing hip-hop to its original Plato. How do you plan to keep your music in the lane of the greats, such as Rakim, Krs-One, and LL Cool J etc?

Kardiak: I plan to display llyrical, witty, ability such as Rakim, Nas, Eminem, Big Pun, and the whole Slaughterhouse. They would be a proper set of mentors to follow.

NAB: I see it took you a while to really come into your own as an artist, what sparked your realization of Hip hop as your passion?

Kardiak: I always loved music an Hip Hop as well. I didn't really think after my very first horrible rhyme I wrote when I was sixteen, it would lead me to want to actually inspire, motivate and entertain people with my music. I didn't know I would be this good.

NAB: How did you hear about the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program, and how have they helped to provide extra exposure for you as an artist?

Kardiak: I heard about the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program from my manager. We built a relationship with A.D. The General. She asked us to be a part of it and we went out and did our thing. Things have been looking great ever since.

NAB: What are some of the perks to being an artist and where do you see your career say a few years from now?

Kardiak: The greatest part about being a artist is doing what you love and getting paid for it. For me its even better cause I'm a fan first, so I get to have an opinion and act on it. If I don't like a certain aspect, I can change it through my music. In a few years I see myself inspiring someone with my music the same way my favorites inspired me.

NAB: What advice would you give other artist from your experiences on trying to create that buzz and acceptance in such a competitive industry?

Kardiak: The best advise I could give anyone that wants to enter a industry like this is we all know everyone and their mom wants to rap. Everyone think they can rap but if you let that get to you, you won't make it. Instead let this one thought keep playing in your head, "there is no competition do you and let everyone know no one can do it better."

NAB: What upcoming projects are you working on as of lately and is there anyone that you would look forward to working with?

Kardiak: I got my first mixtape The Fire Pit coming up followed by my first album Surrounded by my Thoughts. A weekly series coming up called the Kardiak Chronicles and some more suprises but you will find that out later.

NAB: Where can folks connect with your music, yourself and for all booking info? Is there anyone that you would like to shout out?

Kardiak: On twitter at @kardiak84 email my management at facebook

At at on the Audio Manslaughter

mixtape at and and check me out at www.pulsarmusic



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