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The Ulitmate Layer:


In the music industry there are many people that make up the layers to create mood altering entities. The first layer is the artist with their talent. The glam squad and the manger are the second layer making sure the artist has great exposure and looks their best at all times. The third layer is the record label that has allowed the artist to exercise their talents, and the fourth layer which is the root of altering moods are the producers. Music is defined as the art of arranging sounds for effect by rhythm, melody, etc. As the layers of the music industry are pulled away the key players start to emerge, and all other entities fall into place. When you get to the root of the music business it's carried on the backs of

all producers; from the ideas burning in their brains, flowing through to their finger tips creating music that will touch the lives of the multitude. It goes with our saying that there are a number of producers that have been making history in the New York area, but some have changed the game all together. A well known producer who is at the root of a number of the mood altering entities that we know of today is BUCK50, CEO(Brandon Dixon) of TRAKDEALAZ. For a little half of a decade BUCK50 and his business partner EXTRAWDINARE(Roberto Arellano) have been the pulse of TRAKDEALAZ. While allowing their talents to come flowing through their finger tips they observed and networked through out the music industry landing them the opportunity to develop a reputation that speaks for it self. Through continuous networking, the production of multiple instrumental mix tape’s, and there hustle TRAKDEALAZ have started a phenomenon that can't be stopped. Along the way BUCK50 has come into contact with several well known people that have mad a difference in his career like Dougie Fresh, Duke from Dipset, Fendi from Dirty Money, AD The General from the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program, and many more. BUCK50 has leaded his TRAKDEALAZ team to success by merging with other companies and producers expanding the TRAKDEALAZ opportunities in the music business. The largest expansion that BUCK50 has done for TRAKDEALAZ is signed PREZWELL JACKSON(Avery Turner), CEO of TRUE INDY MANAGEMENT AND PROMOTION on the west coast. Now TRAKDEALAZ is grabbing national recognition, as people every where are watching their moods change through every beat that they hear. Now that we have peeled back that ultimate layer of the music business let us observe and study this one producer that is stirring up the music business BUCK50:

EHMP: What does Music mean to you?

BUCK50: Well to me the definition of music is the display of emotions through sound. What it means to me as a whole is “life”. Music is what I dream, breathe and my heart beats to. My whole focus is on music and getting to where I want to go in the music industry. I feel as though I’m on earth for a reason and music is it.

EHMP: What was the key to your success?

BUCK50: Keeping my eye on the prize, achieving my goals and being able to lead others to theirs. It’s one thing to have goals that you want to achieve but it’s another to be able to achieve them and then reset your focus upon the next achievement.

EHMP: Of all the artists you have worked with which experience was the most memorable?

BUCK50: Well I have different moments with different artists. Cory Gunz was a memorable artist because of his talent and ability to write his bars but remember the different flows. Jr Writer is another person that is memorable because of his seriousness in the studio. He doesn’t play any games, gets to work and crafts his lyrics strategically so he can present the best song he possibly can on a track.

EHMP: How has your experience working with AD The General helped your career along?

BUCK50: AD she has helped in many ways, at her events I tend to meet many people who are serious about there music and they tend to do business correctly. She has gotten me in magazines, interviews and connected me with some photographers also. AD is a general for real and in this war to be a success I keep her on the frontline!!

EHMP: How does it make you feel to know that your talents are what keep people hitting replay?

BUCK50: Great!! There have been points in my life that had me confused on what I wanted to do for a living and where I was headed spiritually. I knew I was here for a reason but when I came to realize that God has a plan for me, that’s when I began taking music seriously. When people hit that replay button that’s God telling me I’m moving correctly.

EHMP: How did it feel when your first beat was purchased and you heard it mainstream?

BUCK50: LOL. The first beat was taken by Papoose. I was actually in a cab doing some illegal activities when I heard it on the radio. Back when I was caught between the streets and the music business. But I knew we had gotten the business part done already just wasn’t sure how quickly or even if it would be on the radio. Then Kay Slay dropped it!! Tears came to my eyes.

EHMP: TRAKDEALAZ? Can you explain the name of your company and what we can expect from you and your team in the near future?

BUCK50: Trakdealaz began as a music production company focused on beats and dealing tracks. Now we are doing distribution, ringtones, marketing, soundtracks, videos, DVDs, movie scores, jingles, etc. I have also teamed up with my partner on the west coast Prezwell Jackson and we moved on to do shows with the artists I know personally, which is basically all the artists we produce for since I rarely deal with managers. We also have where u can purchase exclusive mix tapes, ringtones, merchandise and watch in studios with us and your favorite artist.

EHMP: As your business continues to grow what is going to set you apart from all the other producers in the world both established and up and coming?

BUCK50: Our sound, potent product, and cutting edge delivery. You can never say “O Trakdealaz… yeah their beats sound like ..” but at the same time the potency of all our productions is still up to major label standards or higher. Plus, we bring a totally different look and business structure to the production world.

EHMP: I know you do more than just make beats now, was transitioning into videos and creating DVDs a difficult task?

BUCK50: Being in this industry a lot comes into play when you’re around different scenarios. Everything I do now came easy because I learn quickly but I wouldn’t of gotten to do any of it if I wasn’t in the environment I’m in. I shot a video for a joint we produced and seen how easy it was so I went and bought a camera. Then I helped edit it and seen how easy that was and started editing my own. It worked the same with everything else that I’m involved with.

EHMP: What advice can a young brother like your self give to producers trying to breaking into the business today?

BUCK50: To work hard and be ready to take losses in the beginning the game isn’t the way it used to be. You have to understand how it moves and put yourself in the right position to succeed. Create your own sound and promote it to your best ability.

EHMP: Please let all of your fans know what is the next step for BUCK50?

BUCK50: We have a bunch of projects in the works now with the best of the best in the game and we also recently acquired a radio show on Fleet Djs Radio called Pur Uncut Radio that features all our production placements. But my next step is to show the majors that I have what it takes to make something out of nothing and that I have an ear for the next big artist. One of my goals is to become the next great music executive and to succeed in all genres of music. I appreciate all our fans and I’m out here working harder then the next man to show our fans that they to can make a difference in this world with the right focus and determination. If there is anybody out their that is serious about making the right business moves and wanting to network please feel free to hit me on my facebook: Buckfifty CEO and to follow us on twitter: @Trakdealaz. I’m always on and staying in tune with what’s going on, so if u think u have an idea or you need help accomplishing any goals that are relevant to what we do please hit me up. Thank you for your time and for the interview. God bless!

Written by: Tegan T. Foster

Courtesy of A.D.The General & The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011

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