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Born in Monroe, La, Marcus M Hogg a.k.a Havic became involved with music in 1994 as a hobby that he enjoyed. Continuing music throughout high school & college he released his first solo CD in 1999 entitled "The Million Dollar Mouthpiece" under Legalized Records. After a short run & poor management he decided to take time off & study music himself. Havic made a plan 3 yrs ago to start his own mix tape line with all his friends that were artist. When people hear the music they were always like “y'all Go Hard” so that's where the name GO HARD GUERILLAS came from. The Go Hard Guerillas were a group of all solo artists that considered themselves a unit. The GO HARD GUERILLAS consist of Andre Dixon (A.D.G), Antonio Dixon (Yoshi), Ahmad Sullivan (Joby Jo), Devarrio Benson (Big Vo), Jarvis Grayson (Jv), Marcus Hogg (Havic), Toya (Archie Caswell). DJ Fletch hosted their latest mix tape "HUSTLER'S HOLIDAY" with a great deal of response, which has been crazy but amazing. Currently Havic and The Go Hard Guerillas are doing shows nearly every weekend. Having performed in Atlanta, scheduled for stops in Miami, Kansas City, Paso Robles in Cali, & Atlanta again. Havic has been an amazing artist making a name for himself and his unit. For bookings or features all contact info is listed.

N.A.B: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

HAVIC: As an artist I have the southern D-Boy vibe. I also have a bounce sound being from Louisiana. All I have ever been around were hustler's and people out the streets. So that's what I talk about. Big Vo Is just a true artist. He can do a wide variety of things as an MC. He has a mainstream sound. He appeals to ladies. Mostly he makes music that will help you make a baby. ADG is an artist who has catchy hooks, punch lines and D-Boy swag as well. Archie Caswell the first lady of go hard is very lyrical ans will make any man rewind a song and say "did she really say that". She is a real curve ball thrown from the label.

N.A.B: What would you say has been the biggest accomplishment to this date?

HAVIC: I got a chance to do a show with UGK back in the day, before Pimp C went to jail. I looked up to UGK being from the south. So we were in the mall chilling, getting ready for the show and kicking it at the hotel. It was something I never thought would happen. I was shopping with Bun B and people recognized him and was asking for his autograph. I would have people ask who are you. I would tell them, they would say you must be someone if you are with Bun B. Can I have your autograph. The club was standing room only when we got there and the fire Marshall came out, told them no one else could get in the club. There were about another 600 people outside waiting to get in. It was crazy but the atmosphere was crunk. That's a show people still talk about to this day. Performing in Atlanta and Miami with Elegant Hoodness is a close second. The love you get and meeting artist from New York, Virginia, South Carolina, Miami, Atlanta, Bahamas and a few other places was crazy.

N.A.B: What would you say you learned from your experience with Legalized Records? From that what would you advise other artist?

HAVIC: I learned that you can never get comfortable. I was young and had a hot song on the radio. I was recognized everywhere I went. Got things for free and had groupies like crazy. I stopping grinding and pushing before you know it all of it was gone. No matter how much success you have I would advise to artist to push just as hard if not harder and get to the money.

N.A.B: How did you come to know ADTHEGENERAL and what did the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program had to offer?

HAVIC: I met A.D. the General on twitter trying to network. A.D. offered us a chance to compete in a showcase in Atlanta. I'm glad I made the trip. I met other artist to network with and was invited to do another showcase in Miami, Fl & Kansas City Mo. Elegant Hoodness gives you the chance to network with others, offers media prizes for promo that can help further your career. I'm glad to be apart of Elegant Hoodness.

N.A.B: What would you tell others about the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? How did it benefit you?

HAVIC: Elegant Hoodness allows you to talk with Dj,s Magazine Editors, Other Artist from different states. Elegant Hoodness has allowed us to get exposure in different publications and play on some online radio stations. I have met artist in every location I've traveled to that have a relationship with. The program is a good way to push yourself and network with others.

N.A.B: What would you say you have learned about the music industry? Is there anything you would like to change?

HAVIC: The music industry is about being consistent and hard work. No matter what happens or what's going on if this is what you really want there things you have to sacrifice. Doa s many showcases as you can. Go to the music conferences, network with the right people. Build relationships and be about business. Hard work and grinding will pay off. You just have to be patient and ready to travel that road. I wouldn't change much in the area I live in it's hard for Dj's & others to take real artist serious because everyone wants to be a rapper. I feel the industry is flooded with a lot of people who try and be artist and are not. Which makes real artist push just that much harder to be heard.

N.A.B: What projects do you have out or in the works? Where can people get to your music and how can people contact you for booking info?

HAVIC: I have a mix tape Go Hard Girls hosted by A.D. THE GENERAL which consist of hot underground females and a few main stream female artist. Look for it online the first of August. BIG VO a Go Hard artist that has a mix tape called "Pressure" hosted by DJ X-Factor coming out in late September. ADG a Go Hard artist has a mix tape "I do Mee" hosted by 3 feet that will be dropping on Halloween. Jv has a will be releasing the first of the year 2012. GO HARD Guerillas 2 will be releasing in March of 2012. The mix tape line is "Hustler's Holiday" check us out on Dat Piff & a ton of other mix tape sites. All mix tapes will be loaded to our site for you to hear and links for downloads of the mix tape as well.


WEBSITE: www.wix.com/gohardrecords247/ghg

FACEBOOK: GoHard Guerillas

TWITTER: Havic365

N.A.B: Is there anyone that you would like to shout out, pay respect to or anyone that you would like to know influenced you and your music?

HAVIC: I would like to shout out my potnas at MainLine Ent. We are about to join forces and try to move to the next level. MainLine artist Dolces has a mix tape in the works hosted by Bigga Rankin. Chubb Loc is an artist from my area to watch out for. Soufmade Ent Like it or Love it Ent., Havenot Ridaz, Coppa Style productions, beatz by Codiene, Elegant Hoodness and A.D. the General.
I have artist I like and respect like Yo Gotti, Slim Thug, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, TI, Lil Boosie, Weebie, Lil Wayne, Dre Day, Killa Kyleon, Big Hud & GameSpitta.


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  1. Thats whats up! The top half of the state of Louisiana about to join forces and make some major moves in the industry so be on the look out!

    ~ CoppaStyle Productions