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Bizzy Bee –aka- Bizzy Bee Productions, “your one stop shop for all your filming needs.” A craftsman, “I see they said”, (in a specialgift voice)! Manager, filmmaker, producer, artist, actor and model, that’s a package! The beginning of 2011 Bizzy comes up with, Marcus Loves & Rogerst Charles. Bizzy Bee has a graphic way of delivery in this song. With that, gives us a bigger insight of how this craftsman can be. Lets take a moment a and explore the overall talents of Bizzy Bee.

N.A.B.: How do you manage so many tasks?

BIZZY: I ask myself that same question everyday. I think it’s just my focus on the future, that keeps me pushing. I refuse to be just another average 9 to 5 worker, living from check to check. It’s like, I really do all of it with my son in thought and my talent in hand. It can get real stressful balancing everything with my everyday life, but I do my best to manage.

N.A.B.: Of all your many crafts, which are you most hands on with?

BIZZY: I think I’m more hands on with my film ventures, due to the fact that my music will always be there in my corner. I started filming with the intention to help out my fellow unknown artist because I know how hard it is to actually get someone to listen to the message they’re trying to deliver and as we all know “seeing is believing”. Just because you hear someone get shot doesn't mean you can relate to someone who saw someone getting shot, you feel me?

N.A.B.: “Instrumental Crazy” Vol. 1, will you elaborate?

BIZZY: Instrumental Crazy volume 1. My first mixtape ever in life! The title came from me freestyling over various instrumentals when I was younger. I used to say it for the fun of it but I never liked using mainstream beats so when I made the mixtape, it was a surprise. It contains twenty tracks of various instrumentals you may know, but also contains beats produced by up and coming producers. It gives you a sense of who I am as an artist, and as a human being. If you can’t listen to it straight through, I’ll give you a dollar.

N.A.B.: Tell us about your experience with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and A.D. the General? How did you acquaint with them?

BIZZY: Funny because the day after I dropped my mixtape, I went up to Club Pyramid to perform a feature I was on with some of my fellow artists. The host Mental Supreme shouted A.D. out and gave people a heads up of her importance. My team went to her and had a quick conversation. I actually didn’t converse with her until a few days later when twitter suggested I should follow her. So I did, she told me about the competition, and the rest is history.

N.A.B.: Bizzy Bee Productions, how and when did you bring forth this act?

BIZZY: Bizzy Bee Productions was derived from my nickname that was given to me when I was younger (Bizzy Bee) and me saying it when I first started producing. That was before I even had any film thoughts or knowledge, outside or me recording songs on camera for fun in my moms room. Soon as I picked up a camera for myself, the plan became clearer to me over time. Learned all my film knowledge from Reelworks Teen Filmmaking, which is where I made my first professional documentary at 16. At 18, I decided to get my own equipment and started establishing a team. My small team of 4-5 is all I need for now. On fathers day this year was actually the 1st year anniversary of BBP.

N.A.B.: I see you’ve had your first interview at DTF radio. How did that come about?

BIZZY: I took third place at the Elegant Hoodness showcase. It turned out way better than my initial thoughts, being that it was my first major competition solo performance. That performance is the reason I’m getting interviewed now! DTF radio, Street Cypha radio and Atlweb. I’m so thankful for all these experiences. Trust I’ll never forget em.

N.A.B.: Give us an overall insight of who Bizzy Bee is?

BIZZY: Bizzy Bee is a rebel. He’s a great, fun loving, giving, weird individual who’s passionate about his craft and about the upbringing of the future generation. He refuses to ever be classified as a statistic, even though his situation sounds similar. He’s a college student, proud parent, rapper, actor, and filmmaker that wouldn’t stop unless the almighty himself stopped him. He’s also melodically unstable…well you know it as Instrumental Crazy!

N.A.B.: Where can we find more of Bizzy Bee and Bizzy Bee Productions?

BIZZY: You can catch me on facebook (, youtube ( twitter (, soundcloud (, hotnewhiphop ( bizzybbp) and if you have any inquiries, questions, comments, concerns, booking, you can contact me at



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