Friday, July 1, 2011


The Journey of P-prop. Being an artist of the south has been a slow process.P-prop made it work. With true dedication. Guidance by a strong mother and otherfamily members. Family and music is his obsession. This obsession has carriedhim a long way. Success is all he looks to achieve. His confidence and effortsin his music is amazing. Since young, he has been influenced by his father, whowas a Dj. P-Prop has been through several weeks of radio rotation on Memoirs byA.D. the General. He was extremely dedicated to it. For that he has won RadioArtist of the Year 2010. His single Tonight ft. Money Mitch & Mitchell J was thewinning track. Than P-prop and Mitchell J performed at The Elegant HoodnessMusical Program in Atlanta Ga and won 1st place. With his amazing talent andappeal P-prop will always be a success no matter what he attains. His music isfull of compassion and fragrance. Take the time to hear his latest tracks. Suchas “Tonight” ft. Money Mitch & Mitchell J, "More Than Music” and “My Town”. Allare great hits, TRUST. Get Acquainted with P-PROP!!

N.A.B.: Omgnessssss P-Prop, you did it again :). I knew it…. Are you as “Moist”as I am?

P-PROP: Were im from "Moist" only means one thing Ms Gift so we will move on to
the next question :} lol.......

N.A.B.: You are climbing up. Is it becoming a clearer picture, as you see your

P-PROP: I see the light shining brighter on my dream but im still in the
trenches so success is still reachable yet far away ...

N.A.B.: Today, Artist elaborate on the difference they portray. As a performing
artist, you are portraying something. When your vitality is flowing on stage,
what are you feeling inside?

P-PROP: I'm feelin every emotion possible...drawing from my past or painting about
my future gives me the fuel i need to leave the stage on stage
presence is nothing but another side of Peter Green.

N.A.B.: You won radio artist of the year 2010 on Memoirs by A.D. the General. You
won 1st place at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Atl Edition, May 2011.
Elaborate on your latest Elegant Hoodness win. What’s the next win your going
for? Lol, I know you have something in the making?

P-PROP: ATL was special because we were one man down. My brother Money Mitch
couldn't make it so my other brother Mitchell J and I had to go ten times as
hard. As you see by the judges decision, we did that."God is Good
man". All honesty ..the next win will be Miami. God willing it will be three
of us. If not, oh well.

N.A.B.: Tell us about your newest single. What brought forth the concept?

P-PROP: We have a few joints out actually..but the one people seem to fuck wit
the most is "Fuck u Haters." The anthem for everybody out there grinding,
working towards there goals or whatever the case who come across haters. This is
an ode to them.

N.A.B.: On your journey, what or who has contributed the most, on your success
so far?

P-PROP: My family, my mom 110%. Without God and her I would have been said fuck

N.A.B.: Elaborate on any future projects the people should be expecting? Also,
what haven't you expressed that you would like for us to know?

P-PROP: Right now we have the "More Than Music" Sampler out. Six tracks of
fire. Courtesy of myself, Mitchell J and Money Mitch. Next up we have the "More
Than Music Compilation" coming. Followed by all of us dropping solo
projects. Mitchell J our r&b killer is damn near done with his album.
Check out "Drunk Love" off the sampler by the way, it's for the ladies.

N.A.B.: How can your supporters and fans find your latest music? Elaborate on
the sites as well you can be found.
P-PROP: First off thanks to everybody fucking with the music. We appreciate it and will
continue to go hard at everything we do. You can check our videos on youtube , You can check the "Fuck u Haters" video, "My Town"
and a few others. Also follow me on twitter @ppropmusic Special you already
know!! I follow back, especially if your trying to network. Check the music on
my reverb you ever wanna collab email me ..facebook

Written by: SPECIALGIFT N.A.B.
Courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011'


  1. This interview is amazing. I sooooo love the first question...LMAO!! Keep winnin Prop! You got it!

  2. s/o to the more than music fam. Always putting in work!!! congrats on your third win. state to state now huh? :)