Thursday, July 7, 2011


Yung Star

Yung Star hails from East New York; Brooklyn born David Walker on April 25th 1993 always had a strong ear for music and lyrics. It was like Yung Star was born to do this, as it seemed to come completely natural to him since day one. As a toddler he made up his first lyric at the age of three and this was just the beginning of Yung Star and the beginning of many lyrics he'd go on to write since the age of sixteen.

Although only sixteen he has been active in the music business for over six years performing at various places such as the Masonic Temple in East New York, The legendary Sugar Hill Supper Club, on stage with his cousin Wordspit at the NYC Marathon and other local talent shows. Yung Star is well respected in his community by his peers as one of the most talented rappers around focused on taking his gift further with the assistance of Pulsar Ent.

He is on a journey to make great records like the rappers that influenced him such as Jadakiss, Nas, Rakim, Joel Ortiz, Big Daddy Kane and of course Biggie. Also as a member of the Annex Krew he has done multiple videos alongside his cousin P.B.G. for the "Victory at Last" mixtape which was hosted by D.J. Amillion. So world be sure to be on the lookout for the real Yung Star as he's headed for Greatness.

NAB: What does Yung Star Stand for?

YS: The name pretty much speaks for itself. The "Yung" comes from me starting off so young and the "Star" comes from my aspirations of one day being a HIP HOP star.

NAB: Now you started at such a young age, how would you say that benefits you as an artist opposed to starting later in life?

YS: I feel this gives me more room to grow. A lot of people in the game that are older than me have already set in their ways. I feel that me being young opens the door for so many avenues, especially since i'm far from experiencing all that I will.

NAB: How is the energy when you go and perform at various venues, and how does each atmosphere differ?

YS: There are some places that are more lively than others which is always the case. but you know what they say "the show must go on" so even if the crowd is five people I do my thing.

NAB: How did you hear about the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? What do you think about their purpose?

YS: I heard about it from A.D the General herself, and I feel that it serves a great purpose. It gives various underground artists exposure, which is the greatest gift you can recieve when your on the come up.

NAB: Now you have named some very legendary artist that influenced your music throughout the years, but how do you separate yourself from artist and create your own style?

YS: I like to see myself as a combination of every "ILL" hip hop artist there was. Which is why I got the tatoo around my wrist which labels me the "embodyment of ill"

NAB: What projects do you have in the works and where can people connect with you and your music?

YS: Well right now my solo mixtape is out "Lethal Injection". It's available anywhere you can download a mix tape and might I add, its staight fire!! Im now in the process of working on my solo album "Mind Of a Teen" which will be dropping in November.

NAB: Any goals that you have set for the near future? Also, any future collab's you want to put in the works?

YS: My goal is just to strengthen my brand, and make Yung Star a household name. As far as the collab's, I can see myself working with anyone who has lyrical talent.

NAB: Last but not least, is there anyone you would like to shout out?

YS: Shouts to the whole ANNEX KREW, shout outs to the OPB fam, the whole PULSAR ENT. and everyone else who supports what I do.



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