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Having family members who’s musically inclined lead Joshua Geiger aka JG his path to artistry. Born in Tampa Florida, age 11 is where it all began. JG acquainted him self with a variety of eminence beings such as Tupac, Wale, Eminem, Nelly, J cole and Bob. By the age of 19 it was time to start focusing hands on with his music. JG has been featured on several mix tapes including Rough Draft; Unsigned Hype Vol. 3,Coast to Coast mix tapes Worldwide hustling Vol. 6 hosted by Dj Purfiya. JG first solo mix tape dropped January 2011 titled “Censored”. He’s currently working in a master’s degree in Communication atLindenwood University. “Now that’s GRAND”, quoted by SpecialGift N.A.B. In the meantime while working on his second mix tape “Decoded” hosted by Dj Purfiya, JG has won the People’s Choice Award with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Miami edition 2011. With this win he has endured the opportunity of radio spins and interviews across the country. Such as, Rockin with N.A.B. hosted by MsFefe N.A.B. & Gsteam843, Fresh Fridays hosted by Gemz (Team N.A.N.), Drty Bsmnt radio and Ifeelgr8 radio. The road to success seems to be entering his domain. As time progresses building to the next level is the mission for JG. Let’s get further acquainted with JG.

N.A.B.: With the hands on experience you’ve acquired so far, how will you use it to benefit you further?

JG: I’m definitely gonna keep grindin man, my eyes have really been opened recently and getting in with the right people is helping out too. From here I plan to keep networking and start doing a lot more shows, only up from here.

N.A.B.: Your second mix tape “Decoded”, how did you come up with the concept?

JG: It was really a cool thing how it happened. I was kickin it with my boys over at SDB radio (stationed in San Diego) and we were vibin to a few of the tracks I had shown them from the tape. Then the name just kinda came to us, mainly because of the lyrical content in the tracks. It’s just different than most popular music today. Listen and you’ll get the vibe.

N.A.B.: Tell us about your experience at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Miami edition. Would you refer other up and coming artist?

JG: Aw man it was a wild experience. The whole thing was pretty surreal, with it being right on South Beach and everything. The competition level was really high but I did my thing, especially since it was my first time rocking the stage haha, I would most definitely recommend artists to give it a shot.

N.A.B.: What are your future plans after “Decoded” drops?

JG: After DeCoded drops Im gonna really get on my promo grind and try and push it hard. I got a couple projects coming up too, working with my boy Hym out in Indy, and my boy Sello on some features. Other than that man just keep pushing, and definitely start doing shows and really get my name out there.

N.A.B.: Are there any prominent artist you’re interested in collaborating with in the future?

JG: I’m up for collaborations with any and everybody. I’m really versatile so pretty much whoever asks me to hop on wit them, I’m in. In a dream world I would love to work with J Cole or Big Sean.. In a dream world haha

N.A.B.: Elaborate on what comes to mind when you think “Go Hard

JG: To me going hard is exceeding your limits, and expanding your mind. That’s what I think; artists these days don’t do enough of that. It seems like people have the misconception that you have to talk about murdering people to “go hard”. That’s not it at all.

N.A.B.: Where can we find more of JG? Any shout outs you would like to give at this time?

JG: Ya for sure man I wanna give a big shout out to Joey Bounce for putting me on with the EHMP, shout out my boys Rick and Quis for ridin with me, and all my friends, family, and supporters as well. You can find me all over the web man, Twitter, Facebook, Reverb, I got a website up, and I’m always getting radio spins at Hit me up.​realmusic



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