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SPECIALGIFT: What made you realize music was your future?

APOLLO: Music is always did. I don't remember a certain time in my life when I realized it. Music was always just there. As a child I was attracted to music video's on Tv and deejaying.

SPECIALGIFT: Are you presently still in tune with playing instruments?

APOLLO: Yeah I still drum. Presently my new instrument is my Turntables Numark N57.

SPECIALGIFT: How do you describe your style of beat making? Would you consider your style different from inspiring producer's this day in time?

APOLLO: When I create I use a lot of counter melodies and distinct drum patterns. I like to look for different effects and sounds that would normally be selected by the average producer. My style is different from other producer's in that I change my style pretty often.

SPECIALGIFT: Who have you produced for recently and or presently working with? If you could work with a particular artist, who would it be?

APOLLO: I have worked with artist from South Carolina. Some of which includes Dominant, Kream Team, Kenny Kane, Carlos Cartel just to name a few. If i could work with a particular artist it would be A$AP Rocky and Kanye West...

SPECIALGIFT: What are your ultimate goals as a music producer?

APOLLO: I would like to work with more pop artists

SPECIALGIFT: You have a Bachelor's of Arts in Music Industry. That's pretty cool. What has been beneficial in having this degree thus far?

APOLLO: I was able to further my education at Full Sail University, where I just received my Masters Degree in Entertainment Business this past march.

SPECIALGIFT: What's next for you?

APOLLO: I am Planning on dropping a project this fall and basically just performing and promoting my videos. I also want to expand my brand to other regions

SPECIALGIFT: Where and how can the reader's stay updated with you?


SPECIALGIFT: Any shout out's you would like to express at this time?

APOLLO: S/O to You guys for having me and everyone checking out this interview. Check out my music videos on youtube "Apollo Fantastic" & "Apollo Money Man" from the Kakalak Kid Mixtape

WRITTEN BY: SPECIALGIFT N.A.B. (courtesy of Elegant Hoodness Musical Program) 2012

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