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N.A.B.:  B.M.E. is going hard with media, showcases, radio, networking and anything that can put you all on the map. That's a great look in today's muisc industry. What have you learned from dealing with the media? Do you feel the help of all the press  B.M.E. has been receiving helping your movement and cause?

B.M.E.: We've learned that today's industry requires building a brand and its very important to flood  social networks and websites with media to create a buzz. The media we've been getting from underground showcases helped our buzz tremendously. To the point that we go to a city we've never been and people already know our music.

N.A.B.: Life is so much about taking risk. has B.M.E. taking any risk so far in your journey? If so can you elaborate on a risk you all have taking and what was the turnout? Would you consider the risk beneficial in the game? Why?

B.M.E.: Yes we've risked our lives doing what we had to do to make money. Took a chance putting our families on standby while spending tens of thousands funding our own 20 city tour, with no sponsors or label assistance. The biggest risk would be combining our northern and southern style and pushing a catchy hood anthem with a dance, (Whip It 2 The Oils). Rappers and fans often discredit your lyrical ability if you have a dance song but we're pioneers going against the grain. It's helping bring the fun back into hip hop. We want to send the message that you don't have to act hard 24/7. You can be yourself and have fun. The women and children love it.

N.A.B.: How many competitions have you guys won already thus far? What do you attribute all your wins too? Are any of these showcases and wins helping your buzz?

B.M.E.: Thus far we've won 25 underground showcases in 9 cities. 20 first place, 3 second place, 1 third place. One contraversal draw in D.C. for first place where the judges chose us and the promoter called a draw. All of these wins are helping our buzz but the most exposure came from Battle Hotlanta, Elegant Hoodness and U Rock Tour NY.

N.A.B.: Are you guys signed yet? If so, with who? If not is there any label you guys seek to rock with in particular?

B.M.E.: Despite the rumors we haven't actually signed yet. We had an offer from a few IMG Universal ANRs and a public invitation extended from Def Jam's Wise McGriff at U Rock Tour B.B.King in Times Square but that's still in the pre-negotiation stage. We would like to work with Def Jam but if we can't come to an agreement Grand Hustle, Sony, Interscope, Universal, maybe even Shady/Aftermath. Our ultimate goal is to get distribution to branch off independently.

N.A.B.: 5- 10 years from now wher does  B.M.E. see yourselves?

B.M.E.: 5-10 years from now we see ourselves well known international artists with a few plaques, movie appearances, a clothing line, and other businesses. The fame is cool but we're here to make our mark and pave the way for the next generation.

N.A.B.: How do you feel about the wave happening in Philly right now, with Meek Millsand Tone Trump now signed to Young Jeezy. Also so many great up and coming Philly artist on the come up. Where do B.M.E. see yourselves in the wave? In your opinion why do you feel music is now because of Philly coming back around to the East Coast?

B.M.E.: We salute Meek and Tone Trump amongst other artists like GDK, Freeway, and Cassidy all of which we were afforded the opportunity to open up for. Their grind showed that someone who came from hustling in a city with the number 1 murder rate can still be recognized and inspired us to go even harder. We're helping bring attention back to philly by winning underground showcases all over the world and it feels good to get the positive feedback from fans.

N.A.B.: What's the B.M.E. motto?

B.M.E.: Loyalty is everything

N.A.B.: If you could have one or the other which would you choose? Hip Hop or Swag? Why?

B.M.E.: I think that's a trick question...good hip hop requires swag but I would say hip hop because we love the artform and without it how could we express ourselves?

N.A.B.: What's most important, the beat, hook, lyrics or flow?

B.M.E.: Being a writer, I would say lyrical content because overall you have to send a message across to the youth and the rest of the fans and consumers. In the current state of the industry however it's the long as you get em with a catchy hook, no one cares what you're saying...its a hit!

N.A.B.: Do you guys have a routine you do together before you hit that stage? How do you guys keep the unity and energy level up at every show?

B.M.E.: Before we hit the stage we like to feel out the crowd and mingle and have drinks with some of the fans. We don't like to be hollywood and go backstage and we're too deep to need security "100 Strong" lol. We're all family so our chemistry, shared hunger and passion for the music keeps us energetic and explosive on the stage.

N.A.B.: For those who have never heard a  B.M.E. record where can they listen, download or purchase your music?

B.M.E.: Right now we have 4 music videos on youtube "AK We Run It" "Whip It 2 The Oils Official Video" "Nonfiction Maria Sanchez" and "Nonfiction Used To Be". We also have mixtapes in the streets "100 Strong" hosted by 106th and Park's DJ Damage. Other than that we all have reverbnations and one single on iTunes Nonfiction "When You Come Home". To keep up with shows and releases follow us at @IRS_MRWHIPIT @AKBMF4LIFE @TEAMNOSLEEPRO and @NONFICTION100

N.A.B.: Any last words and or shout out's?

B.M.E.: Special shout out to Vicious Veg City and Tat (hold your head). We want to thank all of our family, fans, and supporters (too many to name) for helping us grow as a movement. Look out for new mixtapes from AK and Nonfiction, IRS, Pressure, Arson, Wesnile, Master (SDE), and our new first lady of Bloodmoney Ent "Natalia". Big things in store... SUBSCRIBE to WhipIt2TheOils youtube channel and stay tuned...



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