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N.A.B.: Start us off with some history on the come up of, Rome Streetz?

ROME: I’m still on the come up feel I haven't come up yet. But Rome Streetz is a hustler doing what ever 2 get by...

N.A.B.:  You've derived into rhyming at an early age. Where did you get your inspiration for music?

ROME: I have rhymed seriously for about 11 years. I’ve always been a fan of music since like 3 years old listening to Michael Jackson my first hip hop influences came from Snoop Dog Nas Biggie Kool G Rap Jay z  and Pun those artist influenced me to Rap and my  experiences that I’ve had. I started free styling at like 11 then writing at like 14.

N.A.B.: You've been bringing home wins left and right lately. Recently winning at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and went straight into gaining. Tell us about Elegant Hoodness, how you became acquainted, the process and all about your win.

ROME: I got acquainted with Elegant Hoodness thru my aunts Friend dawn she saw my performance from another showcase I won my aunt posted on face book and she linked me up to Elegant Hoodness. I just went up there n gave it my all I performed two songs 1 called murder manuscript off my mixtape Vagabond and the other called light it up from the mixtape I’m working on now...

N.A.B.: Vagabond seems to be tagged all around your name. Elaborate some about that.

ROME: Vagabond is the name of the culture the actual word means a person who wanders from place to place without a home or job. That just describes my life and the life of those around me. Its all about doing what u have to do to survive. I represent that in my music because every thing isn't always party n bullshit. Real life situations occur longer than the party goes on and I feel like there’s really no one out right now talking about that truthfully and that’s what I represent but its also a acronym for various different things that describe me like very artistic ghetto advocate bringing out new dreams. Visionary addressing ghetto broke niggaz directly.

N.A.B.: What is most relevant to you as far as where you see yourself in the future? Also the steps you’re planning on taking to get there.

ROME: The most relevant thing to me would be getting my voice heard on a large scale being able to touch and represent all those who are like me and spread my culture speak to all the vagz, I’m just going to keep doing music the way I do continue to grow and do as many shows as possible. Start up my independent company and get some distribution.

N.A.B.: Is there anything you would like to express that we haven't thus far?

ROME: I just want to bring real NY hip hop back to where it should be. Resurrect the lyricism and just leave my mark on the culture. I’m also in the hunt for some ill producers on sum hip hop shit if your influenced by pete rock dj premier j dilla holla @ me

N.A.B: Where can we stay updated with your work? Any shouts?

ROME: You can download my mix tape on datpiff.com titled Vagabond look out for my next one I’m putting out soon. Follow me on twitter @rome_streetz instagram @rome_streetz Facebook @ Rome Streetz
 shout out the whole Vagabond squad. Nyc all my niggaz to much to name. look out for that new mixtape dropping soon!!

WRITTEN BY: SPECIALGIFT N.A.B. (courtesy of Elegant Hoodness 2012)

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