Sunday, June 17, 2012


N.A.B.: What sets you apart from other up coming producer's in today's hip hop communities?

TRIGGA: If there is anything I would have to probably say my work ethic and versatility. There was a time I was making 5 beats a day! Right now It's down to 10-14 a week but it evens out cause things are at a bigger scale. Each beat can potentially be a life changer! Plus, Im always trying to find a new sound or come up with a different beat style and format or searching for samples. I'm a "Studio Rat" lol what can I say!

N.A.B.: Is their any particular sub-genre your more so interested in than other's? Such as East Coast, West Coast etc.... 

TRIGGA: Nah, not really. I Love making all music! 

N.A.B.: What attributes do you seek in an artist? Something that's distinctive to you?

TRIGGA: Skill. Wit. Being able to ride the beat. But most of all that hunger, commitment and passion! Loyalty wouldn't hurt a bit either!! smh

N.A.B.: In today's industry a lot stands on "who you know". Which means you must put in your share of networking. Who would you say has assisted you along your journey, (another rap producer) possibly?  

TRIGGA: That is so very true! If you're not willing to network and "pay your dues" as they say, its going to be very hard to make it in this industry! The first person to ever give me a shot was a local NY rapper Deli from T.O records. After we met I helped producer/engineer his next two projects which got alot of people attention and put my name and sound out there. In the mist of my and networking, one day I hit Buck 50 (CEO of Trakdealaz)  up on Facebook. We politiced, he put me to the test, I passed by becoming the 2x champ at the Elegant Hoodness "Battle of the Beats" contest and now i'm the newest signed to Trakdealaz Inc. With out Deli spitting fire on my production and Buck 50 taking me to the next level, I don't know what I would be doing!

N.A.B.: Do you ever go as far as tweaking your clients work? Or make some sort of suggestion to if you feel it's necessary?

TRIGGA: Never without permission! But if I have an idea, I'll give my input. Especially if they are using my production.

N.A.B.: Tell us about your production process?

TRIGGA: Open my software and get to work! lol! I don"t really have a process but there"s one thing I dont do and that is force music! To me music is "emotions being expressed thru sound"! What ever I'm feeling at the time is what's going to come out.

N.A.B.: How does an artist go about hearing your production? What steps would one take to work further with you?

TRIGGA: You can visit our website You can also hit us up on twitter @trakdealaz, @trigga_tranz. If you working with a budget and is ready for a big record hit us up we definitely got what ya'll need!

N.A.B.: Any Shout? Closing words?

TRIGGA: I'd Like to give a S/O to the whole Elegant Hoodness/N.A.B movement, A.D I see you! Big S/O to Buck and the whole Trakdealaz Empire. My Bros Boogz Banga, Mula Meezy, G.Billz, Welcome Home Bebo!! Love Is Love. Peace!!



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