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E.H.M.P.: How did you receive the name Young Fellz? Does it have any
meaning to it?

YOUNG FELLZ: Originally my name was felony,and people used to call me fels for short,plus my family wasn't to fine about the name felony, so I swagged it out and drop the felony name and just went with fellz. the meaning behind Fellz is For Ever Loved Lost Zilch. after doing a five year state bid my family and my fans still love me and i lost nothing you dig!

E.H.M.P.: How has being locked up, enhanced your music skills lyrically?

YOUNG FELLZ: Being locked up you really have nothing to do besides time lol. On a serious note, I had enough time to sit back and do a lot of soul searching. Everyday I will try my hardest to at least write three full songs. Some days it happen and some days it don't. I will never rush to finish a song because when you do that it's not music anymore. Well to me it is.

E.H.M.P: Finishing your mixtapes "Side Blocks to Murder" and "Criminal
Possession", what do you have in stores next for your fans and new

YOUNG FELLZ: I'm working on a project now called "Living life n da fast Lane". It's about my life and the struggle I went through growing up. This project is more of an "album" than a "mixtape". Mostly original music. Radio ready songs, and songs for a diverse market. I would like to thank one of my boys upnorth name Joseph Odom for guiding me through this project and pointing out certain things for me to focus on about this project.

E.H.M.P: As an artist, what makes you unique?

YOUNG FELLZ: My style, dedication and all the hard work I been putting in to this music game. When people hear my music, they never compare me to no other rapper's or say I sound like this person or that person. I have my own style and that's very rare now a days.

E.H.M.P: Who are your target audience? Why?

YOUNG FELLZ: My target audience is everybody kids, teenagers, parents, hustlers, gangsta's and everybody that really love hip-hop. One thing about me I'm very versatile and that's how you have to be in this music thing. You just cant stay in one lane. That's why rapper's are not having long runs in the game. That's one of the main reasons, I tilt my hat to Jay-Z. "We Hova Baby"

E.H.M.P: How can your fans and new listeners reach you? (Facebook, Twitter,
Linkedin, etc)

YOUNG FELLZ: You can reach me on facebook/young breed fellz or follow me on twitter @ superstarfellz, also I can be reach on my producer web page at Shout out 2 skyskraper, A.D. the General, and da whole Elegant Hoodness Thanks for having me. (peace)

WRITTEN BY: A.D. THE GENERAL (courtesy of Elegant Hoodness Musical Program) 2012

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