Monday, May 23, 2011

BIZZY Tore It Down In Kc Missouri @ E.H.M.P'S Grand opening

Twilla Oglesby a.k.a Bizzy was raised in Kansas City MO. Bizzy started her music career at the age of thirteen, freestyle battling in middle school where she became known locally as artist Bizzy. By the age of sixteen as a freshman in high school Bizzy began writing and recording her own music. While taking the time to study and perfect her craft, Bizzy put together her first single titled "Dope Girl" which spread through the streets very quickly. Catching everyone’s attention and seeing where the buzz was taking her she decided to joined up with a childhood friend , also a local rapper and formed a group whom went by the name "D2G". Now 20 years old she’s come into a successful music career steadily heading towards excellence, mark ability, and a profitable career. With the help of an agent Ad General to help press forward her talent and advance her career she’s released a new mixtape May 1st of 2011 called "The Right Back Rockin” Mixtape Vol 1. Currently performing at open mic sessions and a number of personal shows at various venues throughout the Kansas City Metro Area the audience response has become extraordinary. Responses like this are what lead to her winning the “Team NAN” award at her latest event, “The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Showcase” in Kansas Missouri. With a great support team and the loads of energy she brings to every performance she is surely closer to advancing her career to a professional level.

NAB: What does the name Bizzy represent?

BIZZY: The name Bizzy came from my years while I was attending middle school I was always caught by the principal freestyle battling in the hallways and when he caught me he would say "Oglesby I see you keep yourself busy in these hallways I hope that gets you that A you need" after hearing him say it so much I took the word busy and turned it into something that represents me personally "Bizzy"

NAB: What or who were some of your influences growing up that inspired you musically?

BIZZY: Some of my influences growing up was Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, Juvenile, LiL Wayne, my sister, brother, my mother and family members inspired me to keep pushing being that my family was built on music they knew I had what it took to get where I wanted to be.

NAB: How did you become acquainted with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and what do you think about what they represent?

BIZZY: I became acquainted with Elegant Hoodness when I logged into my face book page and seen that Ad General was in my inbox talking about a show that was coming to my home town I sent her some music and she was on my heels about the show since then at first I was going to past on it but she kept pushing and didn’t let me give up so I ended up following through with it I think the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program represent something that mean something to many artist out here everybody deserve a chance and that’s just what they give a lot of artist.

NAB; What was it like performing at the Elegant Hoodness Showcase and leaving with the Team Nan award? Would you recommend this to other artist coming up or independent?

BIZZY: Performing at the Elegant Hoodness program was an experience I’ll never forget I performed in front of crowds all the time but I have never been recorded live so that was something new to Bizzy everyone thought I would be nervous but they thought wrong knowing that I was going to be seen from everywhere I was pumped and ready it was a great show and a great experience. leaving with the team nan award made me feel like I had what it took to get to the top because I had competition and I really didn’t know what I was up against so winning team nan was a great feeling would definitely recommend this to other artist.

NAB: How would you describe your style of music and what goals have you set for yourself as an artist?

BIZZY: I would describe my style of music as one of a kind I say that because every time I perform or freestyle for somebody they would tell me they like my style of rapping and that its different from any other they have heard so I definitely feel that it’s one of a kind. The number one goal I have for myself I have always wanted to be signed with a major record label because I know that’s what I deserve and I know I have what it takes to reach my goal.

NAB: I see you have a mixtape out “The Right Back Rockin” Vol 1, How did you pick the title and what was the thought process putting the mixtape together?

BIZZY: I came up with the name The Right Back Rocking Mixtape Vol 1 because it represents my struggle at a point and time I was down I was homeless for almost a year with no way of making it out at the time all I could think about was doing music getting back on a stage making something of myself so when I was blessed with a job and my own place my mom brought me a mic and she told me not to let anything get in the way of what I’m trying to do so the songs I wrote why I was in the streets I put them to beats and I was Right Back Rocking with my music so I made it into a mixtape. the process of putting this mixtape together it took a lot of pain a lot of downs a lot of people putting me down money that I really didn’t have to spend but I put my last into it most of my time and a lot of my energy.

NAB: Where can supporters and fans find out more about you and your music? Any shout outs you want to give?

BIZZY: Supporters and fans and find more about me and my music mainly by all my music and fan pages I have a music page on MySpace I have a twitter a face book or they can shoot me a direct message and I’ll take it from there. I would like to give a shout out to my mother my sisters and brothers my family my fans god my significant other my father Ad general and Ms Fefe the who Elegant Hoodness movement and everyone else that’s been there thank you..

written by: Gsteam843

Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011

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