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G3MZ was born in the spring of 1983, when a fresh and new genre of music was developing and emerging on the New York City streets. Being raised in the heart of BROOKLYN made it inescapable and a natural addition to life. At home, his family would play a range of music from Hector Levoe and Tito Puente to the Motown sounds of Smokey Robinson and Diana Ross to Hip Hop legends Run DMC and Rakim, which all influenced his musical path.

As the years passed and he progressed, he's gained more knowledge of the lyrical, technical, and commercial sides of Hip Hop. He partnered with the emcee OSIRIS aka “OS” and began showcasing their talent at local NYC clubs meeting and networking with AAA LIST ENT. (NY), ADANTE ACE (AOS ENT), ED LOVER of Power 105.1 FM, RAEKWON the CHEF (Wu Tang), DJ KAY SLAY (STREET SWEEPERS), MAD LINX, and many more established and up and coming artist.

Since then, G3MZ expanded his horizons and branched out to the Midwest, Kansas City, Mo. He opened up shows for West Coast headliner THE JACKA (MOBB FIGGA'S) and performed at the double mix tape release party for MELENA (LOOSE CHANGE PRODUCTIONS, KC), SQUIKEE (CHOP SHOP SOUTH, TN), and MS. FEFE (LEGAL CRIME RECORDS, KC). After those performances, STICKY ICKY ENT approached him to be the only out-of-town feature on "THE MIDDLE OF THE MAP COMPILATION", gaining artist and production credits.

G3MZ then relocates back to Brooklyn to continue building a foundation in Hip Hop's Mecca. Him and Ms. FeFeNAB linked up with A.D. THE GENERAL (A-TEAM ENT.) and they began performing at THE ELEGANT HOODNESS. Eventually co-creating THE ELEGANT HOODNESS OPEN MIC, which ran successfully. He also was a part of THE ELEGANT HOODNESS PARK TOUR '08/'09.

With his mix tape THEORY OF INTELLIGENCE VOL. 1, working with TAZDATMC (SEATTLE) putting together STREETZ ORIGINATED VOLS. 1,2, and 3, as well as a collaboration album with The Ballstar and Ms. FeFe (B.F.G/N.A.B) entitled "BUILT FOR GREATNESS", G3MZ has many other projects, features, and production credits under his belt working the underground circuit. His debut album “B4 DA BEGINNING” was recorded, mixed, and produced by G3MZ himself for his HIGH HATS PRODUCTIONS imprint. It doesn't stop there as he continues to record and perform, building a grassroots fan base of REAL PEOPLE that appreciate REAL MUSIC.

NAB: If you can describe G3MZ in one word what would it be?

G3MZ: Humble.

NAB: What influenced your music the most, and how do you separate yourself from the other artist out?

G3MZ: I would say life in general is my biggest influence. There's so much about life that we dont know yet but my goal to pass on any knowledge I gain to the listeners. As far as seperating myself from the rest I just try to speak on real issues that people with knowledge, wisdom and understanding can relate to.

NAB: You mention that you teamed up with A.D. The General and the Elegant Hoodness Program? How did that come about and what has the experience been like?

G3MZ: That came together from Ms.FeFe she knew A.D. previously to her coming to Ny. We were doing open mics in Williamsburg & we invited N.A.N. to come perform. Ever since then It's been nothing but a great experience. Thru the up's & downs of the industry we became closer to more like a family. We helped the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program grow & expand in a huge way by bringing our knowledge of the industry & connections to the table.

NAB: I see that you're not only an artist, but you produce your own music? What would you say of the two is your bigger passion and is it a challenge to do both?

G3MZ: Yea, I can honestly say I love both with all my heart. I've been writing rhymes since the age of 10, so making songs comes pretty naturally. I started making beats around 19. I would say thats the most challenging because I'm still learning different things about productions everyday. Some times its hard to do both because you gotta make sure the song is good, as well as the beat. So sometimes I prefer to write to other producers beats. I really like to hear other artist on my beats to see what vision they get from it.

NAB: What projects do you have in the works? Are there any future collaboration's you're interested in working on?

G3MZ: We have a bunch of Streetz Radio mixtapes that we've been dropping. As far as solo projects I'm gonna drop a ep "b4 da beginning", as a teaser. Than I'm droppin my official project entitled "Deaf by Stereo". As far as collabs, I'm willing to work with anyone that's making good music. A dream collab would be with Nas. He was one of my biggest influences growing up.

NAB: What would you say was or is your biggest obstacle coming into the music industry and gaining the respect of others?

G3MZ: The biggest obstacle for myself and alot of people coming is not understanding that this is the record business, not just looking at it as a hobby. You have to invest in your self financially and time wise. No one just blows up over night. A lot of people when they first look at me say I dont "look" like a rapper. Lol whatever that means, but once they hear me spit something their perspective changes drastically.

NAB: Where can your fans and supports go to look up your music and stay in contact with you?
G3MZ: They can hit me up on twitter @g3mz718 or facebook g3mz718 or just google G3mz I'm sure a lot of things will pop up.

NAB: What is your goal has an artist and what do you hope to accomplish through your career?

G3MZ: My goal is to be respected for my art. I dont care about making millions of dollars because I've been doing music for a long time and dont plan on stopping any time soon. I just wanna be able to provide for my family doing something I love.

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