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The Sky is the Limit! That’s what we've always been told all my life and witnessing Berto “BusDown” James go in on the microphone; I’m a firm believer that he’ll attest to the same belief. Brooklyn bred, Brownsville fed, New York native BUSDOWN has been blessing the streets with his poetic descriptions of life, love, pain, lust, greed, grind, and hustle. He takes you on a journey through the mind of an evil genius. He gives you intellect and mind blowing concepts, along with the rough, hard core street mentality of your average thug.

Growing up for BusDown has not always been so easy. Influenced mostly by the streets and his fellow peers, Bus found it easier to be your local ghetto celebrity than your daily role model, so he turned to selling drugs and gang life. Getting caught up with the law, in and out of jail, and getting into beef was a part of BusDown’s daily routine. Once a thug, always a thug, right? Not in the mind of this solider.

N.A.B – You’re from Brownsville/East New York, Brooklyn? A lot of your music focuses on today’s social conscious issues. Where do you find the inspiration for your sound?

BUSDOWN - It comes from the heart. Thing’s I see in the streets. I’m not going to give the world a phony Busdown (there is no phony Busdown). I’m going to give straight facts about my life.

N.A.B - SKYZ DA LIMIT is the movement. We see you have ventured out as a solo artist. How do you differentiate yourself from your group? What makes you stand out as a solo artist?

BUSDOWN - I’ve always been a solo artist. It really isn’t a group that’s the label. We are all solo artist. I give my swag, my energy. I’m not saying my team doesn’t do it. There really is no difference. Skyz Da Limit has also recently joined Team N.A.N in 2010.

N.A.B - Is the track “ROLL UP/BRETHE” your official single? If it’s not then, why is that? That track is fire. Do you have a title & a release date for your album?

BUSDOWN - It is the 1st single. A lot of folk embraced that track. The track was created in 5 minutes. Black Pea produced that joint for me. It was crack without effort. I had a lot of emotions that night in the studio. I typically write all my lyrics on paper, but that night it came from the heart.

N.A.B – Let’s talk about some of your ventures, producers and collaborations.

BUSDOWN - Besides SKYZ DA LIMIT, I have collaborated with Caviler (R.I.P), BERTO JAMES (my alter ego), BERTO JAMES is the person, the exterior and BUSDOWN is the soul. GQ BEATS has produced for MAINO, UNCLE MURDER, etc. BANGER has produced for 50 CENT & many more. The track “This Ain’t Rap” was actually supposed to be the remix track for “In My Hood” but 50 didn’t use it and I got lucky. (pick up “The Top 10 Artist of the Year Mix tape” hosted by Team N.A.N), I’ve been featured on BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS DVD, NANTV, ROYALTY MAG and now HHH MAGAZINE. I have loads of collabo’s in the near future.

N.A.B – We know 09 had everybody in a rut. 2010 has come with change & a new beginning. What are your goals to ensure your prosperity in the New Year?

BUSDOWN – I'm going to keep doing what I have been doing, making it hotter. I’m not allowing anybody to stand in my way of achieving my dreams. Like BEANS said “I’M NOT THE CAPTAIN OF THE YACHT BUT I’M ON THE BOAT”. I’m a humble dude. It’s not about being the best rapper; As long as I touch some hearts I’m good. At the end of the day my goal is to be me. You’ll never hear busdown talking about being in a Maybach. I’ve been in a Maybach once. I’m not biting my tongue for any man. We need something positive for our communities. I enjoy painting pictures for my people & I will continue to be busdown. For these rappers out here, if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing and your just doing it for a check. Then you need to cut it out. Stop wasting people’s time and putting out that bullshit.

N.A.B - Any last words & or shout outs?

BUSDOWN - Shout out to my momma, my father, my sister and my entire family. The entire SKYZ DA LIMIT Camp, WYO, all the homie's lock down & all the rappers in the struggle. Don’t give up. Big up to A.D THE GENERAL & GIFTED-N.A.N/N.A.B my peoples 4 life. All love my nicca’s. All my NY nicca’s; even the suckers. Much Love to you. Just stay away from me. It’s your boy BUSDOWN signing out. Scream at me. &


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