Monday, May 9, 2011

GET TO KNOW "DOEBOY" Bowie the Rapper


If you wanted to describe Brandon "Doeboy" Bowie the rapper, you would need a couple of words to describe him. Whether it's his slick lyrics, raspy voice, or his cool, calm, and collect manner, once you hear Doeboy, you know instantly, this man is different. With the rap game changing in so many ways, most fans are growing tired of the same old recipe, of fantastic beats and elementary rhymes and hooks. Doeboy's music is versatile, original, creative, and can make everyone in your house, from the oldest to youngest, want to dance, sing along, or bop their head.
Doeboy did not always want to be a rapper. Growing up in Lefrak City, Queens for 8 years, then later on moving to East Elmhurst, he had dreams of playing professional basketball. That all changed in his second year of high school at St. John's Preparatory School in Queens. There in the lunch room of 70 hungry high school kids, he found his love for rap. With fellow classmates beating on the tables making beats, Doeboy began to freestyle. After receiving a huge fan base at school, Doeboy decided to pursue a rap career. He then linked up with Mysto, of "Mysto & Pizzi", and began to record at his in-house studio. Mysto & Pizzi have produced tracks for the likes of R. Kelly, Cassie, Kelly Rowland, Nina Sky, and many others. Here with Mysto, Doeboy would learn the ins and out's of songwriting and also discover his own niche in the Hip-Hop Industry as well. Since those high school days, Doeboy has grown as an artist, song writer, and as a person. From the street hit "Y.A.K", club friendly "Shake It Baby", down to his conscience side "Dreams", he shows and proves, he is no one trick pony.
Doeboy has built quite a resume for an up and coming rapper. Doeboy has snagged numerous spots on mix tapes, for some of the top rated DJs in the business, such as, DJ Envy, DJ Whiteowl, DJ Finesse, DJ Scope, DJ Hitts, NY C.E.O, and so many others. Doeboy has performed at numerous clubs, showcases, and venues within the tri-state area, such as theElegant Hoodness Musical Program, as well as out of town. He has also caught the ears of many A&Rs from major labels hoping for a meeting. Doeboy has put out two mix tapes so far, “Soon To Be Famous” Part 1 & 2, and currently finishing up his third effort "FATBOY OF THE BLOK". His lead single "Replay" produced by GM Productions, has received nothing but positive feedback and recognition. With this new project, Doeboy is now ready to start looking for a major record deal. With his personality, charm, and new songs off his next project, the task should not be too hard at all. As Doeboy would say, "Holla Wit A Dolla! YAK!"


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