Monday, May 9, 2011



When it comes to music it's considered the artist personal style! You can tell a lot about an artist by his lyrics, even the beats can give you a vibe of the artist style. TRUE SUN ALI is no different his style is reflected in his three recent tracks. The amazing part is the originality, no two songs sound alike! He’s a talented find that makes music raise the bar on talent!

Just listen to the track "FEEL SO GOOD" this track has that old school vibe, but with the hype nature of today's times. The lyrics just flow off the tongue easy to understand and follow. "T.I.N.A(LOYALTY)" the beat will grab you first taking you over as the words washing the mind with inspiration, and thoughts about the way things are done. The next track that caught my attention was "A Second Beginning". Everyone can relate to this song! Anyone who has ever needed a second chance, or just simply change the way things are done. The beat will have you bobbing your head while your ears are open! The music is beyond worth a listen you can engulf yourself with music of the streets! You can take the rhythm of his very soul that is wrapped in the beats of lyrical genius, making music real again!

True Sun is exactly what he is…the TRUTH. He gives you passion, history, motivation, and growth of a true emcee. He gives you facts, reality, hope, and love for music as a whole. He gives you him, that BK HOOD STAR. He is SO BROOKLYN! The ladies love him, the fella’s want to be him, the hood looks up to him. TRUE SUN IS HERE! Can you see the light?!

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