Monday, May 9, 2011


Born June 29, in the early 80’s with a physical disability (short right arm with two fingers.) Joshua also known as Logan has been signing since he can remember. Logan never let his unique physique stop him from sharing his talent with the world. Growing up on Logan Street in East New York with five siblings, his singing career began in church as a soloist and later on with the choir. Logan wrote his first song called "Why Did You Leave Me’’ in the fifth grade for a talent show which wowed his teachers and fellow peers because of his strong vocals and commanding stage presence. Logan continued to sing in church but by the age of eleven his songs and poetry began to focus on girls. Logan’s earlier songs and poems were personally filled with his failures and triumphs in relationships.

By the age of 18, Logan was singing at weddings and church events for fun. It was not until his second year at Brooklyn College did Logan start to take his singing career seriously. Logan now living in Bed Stuy, Brookyn was taken to Hilltop Studios by an up and coming actor Sharod Folk to record the hook “Ma Chill” for Popping Brothers. Logan received a good response from the neighborhood and this prompted him to start recording his own songs .One day while recording at Hilltop, Logan met his now mentor Lord Vital. Lord Vital, a talented artist and songwriter, taught Logan how to write a song with structure and how to build a record vocally. In 2009, Logan was nominated for a Top Ten Artists of the Year Award at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program. 2010, he is still going strong. Nominated once again for an E.H.M.P. Award and going even harder with his stage shows, wooing all the ladies. N.A.B. presents to Royalty Magazine and the world, Brooklyn R&B Sensation, LOGAN.

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Also check out Logan’s latest video “Blow Your Mind”!


Courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program ‘10

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