Wednesday, May 25, 2011


U'Kno Tha Don

You think U'Kno...but you have no idea! Hailing from the Tri-State area, U'KNO THA DON is like none other. A lot of artists claim to have gone through trails and tribulations, but imagine being tried for a crime you didn't commit, being casted out like a fallen angel, and losing someone you've loved for a lifetime. Beating the odds, proving his innocence and self worth, and coming out a true believer, U'KNO was literally writing for his life. His verses are like Bible scriptures and his songs are his book of life; passionate, raw, heartfelt, reality, U'Kno Tha Don is just that; straight up, no chaser. Hell on earth has brought out something powerful in this young artist. People, take a peek in U'Kno's life and understand his testimony. He truly has a story to tell.

N.A.B: Who is "U'Kno Tha Don"? Explain the name.

U'Kno: First thing, I am a God fairing man. Secondly I am a brand and extremely versatile. I am an artist, model, T.V & radio personality and a business man. The name was given to me by a music producer, and his favorite video game. The name is self-explanatory. ( laughing)

N.A.B: What brought you to love music the way you do?

U'Kno: My Caribbean background had a big role to play. As well as Fugees, Notorious Biggie Smalls and Boot Camp Clique.

N.A.B: Who or what influences you to write the type of music you do?

U'Kno: Life inspires me as well as my mentor Nash. (My Life Entertainment baby LOL)

N.A.B: Let's talk about the year 2007. How did that year effect you physical, mentally, emotionally, and creative wise?

U'Kno: Physically I was beat down, and mentally I was lost. Emotionally I was hurt, and creatively I was a beast. (GOD IS GOOD BABY!…. AMEN LOL)

N.A.B: CHUUCH! Now, A lot of artists fabricate their lives and situations that surround them. Do you feel that going through that trying time as brought the more realistic side out in your artistry?

U'Kno: Yes, because before I had no identity I was a solider. And now I am a leader.

Piece of advice to those out there, you may just want to follow my lead.

N.A.B: What projects do you have out and what projects are you working on right now?

U'Kno: Currently I am featured on Gin Tv’s latest DVD. I just launched my latest video

“Runway”. I am working in my latest mixtape "European Dreams" and "Testimony" with My Life Entertainment. You can say I'm dipping my hand in some fashion projects with my P.R Phoenix and her company Essence of Evolution. Last but never least you can tune to me on, 99.3fm, and find me hosting on BCAT (Brooklyn Cable Access Television).

N.A.B: What is your main focus for your music? What is the message you are trying to send out to your peers and fans alike?

U'Kno: That there is nothing wrong with being yourself. Dare to be different, stand up for something and fall for nothing.

N.A.B: Are there any major collaborations in the works for your upcoming project?

U'Kno: Nash, Screechy Dan, Lyn Carter, Logan Threat, Lloyd, Usher and many more!

N.A.B: What can the world expect from U'Kno Tha Don in the next 5 years?

U'Kno: God willing, music, fashion and motivational speaking. By the way, once I get my chance I will run NYC.

N.A.B: What advice can you give to up and coming emcee's striving to get noticed or get to that next level of their career?

U'Kno: Be true to yourself, create trends, don’t follow them! Become a leader not follower, and know what it means to become men and women outside of music.

N.A.B: If it is one quote you can tell the world, what would that be?

U'Kno: "For whom much is given, much is expected."

N.A.B : Any last words or shout outs?

U'Kno: Without God I am nothing! Shout outs to my fans, my team, and my family. You can always keep posted with what I am doing by my’knothadon, U’knomania, or you can find me on Google and You Tube.



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