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Self-subsistent artist, BlackStorm. Born in Jamaica Queens, but raised in Brooklyn. By the age of 13 BlackStorm made a recherche'. The music industry is where he felt his path would lay. In doing so, he opt that becoming a DJ would teach him the basics of hip hop. As a young DJ, BlackStorm gained the privilege of working and getting to know some of hip hop's major names. Such as Steve Mandel, The lost Boys and several others. BlackStorm was predominantly djing in his younger years. Going through the stages of feeling out his craft, he decided to pick up the mic. Trying his hand as being an M.C.. Turning out to be a good situation. As an M.C. BlackStorm had the opportunity to open up for major names such as T.I., Young Jeezy, Ashanti and a flock of others. Tearing down showcases, clubs and tours in NY, BlackStorm ventured to Raleigh N.C.. From there he continued to build his brand. BlackStorm won the Achievement Award at the first Annual North Carolina Underground Music Awards. Than was nominated again for the same award. Since than the consistency of making music has been his terminus.

N.A.B.: This might come across as a typical question, thing is SPECIALGIFT doesn't know the answer. How did the name BLACKSTORM manifest?

BLACKSTORM: Well I was always called BLACK growing up as a kid, from my friends and local store owners, but the name storm was added after I realized rap was a talent I had, and from the 1st time I grabbed a mic, people use to say WOW ya voice is like THUNDER, and they use to tell me when I rapped my point was made clear because the passion and feeling I had when I rapped, so I decided to add storm to the black and there u have it I created BLACKSTORM.

N.A.B.: In the midst of your journey so far, what would you say mostly contributed to your success? Meaning, something that played a significant image on your behalf.

BLACKSTORM: I would say my kids & family really contributed to my success, because I go hard for them, I always said I love to do this music whether I get paid or not, but I also said I want the best for my family, so they are my biggest motivation and of course the fans and supporters, who don't allow me to give up or slow down.

N.A.B.: Hip Hop is definitely not the same this day in age. What does BLACKSTORM contribute to the hip hop movement?

BLACKSTORM: Im basically bridging the gap between wat HOT and wat HEARD, I also feel I will bring life back the the industry, I feel there's no more true passionate music being made, and if it is its not being showcased or promoted, which in my eyes is sad.

N.A.B.: "Hot Like Fire", Blackstorm ft. Mica Swain & Hersh. Elaborate on this and your present activities.

BLACKSTORM: well 1st off I want to shout out “DJ NAYDEE” from beats planet.com, because he was the mastermind behind the RECORD, well I got the record about 1 ½ or 2 yrs ago, and from the 1st time I heard it, I knew it was or could possibly be a smash hit. So I recorded my verses and sat on it for a few months, until one day I thought real hard and said wat can I do to make this record bigger then wat it is now, and that's when the idea came to me, I need to get the lovely MICA SWAIN on it, so I reached out to her and the rest was HISTORY. Big big big shout outs to my homie HERSH for blessing the track with his phenomenal vocals.


BLACKSTORM: Blackstorm is a artist/producer & engineer extraordinaire who not only is aiming for spot in the industry he is actually trying to become a major player and leave a powerful stamp in the game. And F.A.M.M is my team/company which means “FOR ALWAYS MY MANZ” who will become one of the biggest brands/names in the industry.

N.A.B.: You have been acquainted with A.D. the General, Gifted, N.A.N., N.A.B. & Elegant Hoodness Musical Program for quite some time. From the beginning of your acquaintance to now, in your opinion how has Elegant Hoodness grown?

BLACKSTORM: I can honestly say I think I was actually around when AD & the whole team started to do there thing, I mean from doing shows, to studio sessions to doing videos in the neighborhood we all are from, and to see AD take something that was a just a vision back then and turn it into a reality is so inspiring & such a blessing. I have seen and heard people talk about ELEGANT HOODNESS from ny to nc, so I would say ELEGANT HOODNESS have grown tremendously and im beyond proud of AD & N.A.B for real, besides shes not just a associate I know or heard of, she is actually my FRIEND & SISTER from another mother.

N.A.B.: Anything you would like to express, at this time? Something that signifies your overall determination.


N.A.B.: What should the world and your fans look forward to from BLACKSTORM?

BLACKSTORM: A BREATH OF FRESH AIR, SOMETHING THE GAME HAS BEEN MISSING. I put it to u like this, wat ever u feel the game should be doing or u missed, just know I will be the one to bring that to the industry. Without trying, because it's second nature.

N.A.B.: Where can we find more of BLACKSTORM music? etc?


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