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The struggles that many endure may be parallel to one another but tell a totally different story, when it is read. Rico Ricardo’s life mirrors tales of hard times and finding ones way in life; but his determination for success highlights a different caliber of a person. His life's journey has led him to high moments of achievement and low points of being locked up. Determination is what jumps off the page in the book of Rico's life. His eagerness to reach his goals and determination to bounce back from hardships and hurdles has made this resilient young man, who he is today. Ricardo’s courageous nature to tackle the obstacles before him and reach out and connect with others has put the spotlight on his movement and beckons the world to watch and be amazed.

E.H.M.P: In 5 words describe to the world who is Rico Ricardo.

RR: human, life, humble, artist, creative

E.H.M.P: What is it like to be Rico Ricardo?

RR: It’s challenging at time’s but mind is always open and ready for the challenges. It makes me who I am today. All I can think about is giving back but of course I don’t got it like that. I learn everyday who is true to me because one thing I’ve learned people change their way’s and switch up like light’s. I find that to be very disturbing to me. Just because I’m a real person and people will tell u that. I never understand how some can be so snakish. I just take it one day at a time and expect the unexpected but learn to expect nothing. It’s how I got to live life to stay afloat.

E.H.M.P: Who is your biggest personal influence? And who is your biggest musical influence?

RR: R.I.P, I would definitely say my mother. It’s her birthday today, 4/13. Also Happy Birthday Momma. Never blame your past on your present. I use to always blame how I grew up and what I been through, on my struggles now. You know life is what you make it. You can change how you living at any giving time. You also got to learn, to learn from your mistakes. You can not blame your past on what’s going on now because that’s what kept me down and never moving forward. Music influences, I got to say 2 Pac and I can’t leave out Big Pun as well. 2 Pac, smart man intelligent activist. Very lyrical and driven to get back to poverty and teach ghetto America what we did not know. What was going on around us. He is a teacher for many R.I.P 2 Pac. Big Pun was a great lyrical Latin artist. I’m half part Cuban, so to have a Latin artist as good as he was, was a great thing. Also I looked up to him as a heavy guy, spitting the way he did. He amazed me with his delivery R.I.P., Big Pun.

E.H.M.P: What’s the reception that u get from your peers, and others that u grew up with when they discover that you are a rapper?

RR: Some really surprised and amazed, lol. I would be surprised to, if I didn’t know I could rap, lol.

E.H.M.P: Describe to us your dream performance. The town (or country) arena, crowd, response, and how do u plan to obtain that dream?

RR: I really don’t have a performance. I just love music and want to be able to travel anywhere to give a lil bit of Rico Ricardo, me, to the world.

E.H.M.P: Why do you rap? What makes you different or better? Why should we listen to you?

RR: I love music, is why I rap and it is self therapy for me. I love being creative. I would never say I’m better than the next man. I would say I am therapy. (My Music). Everybody goes threw things, so when you hear my music it tells you that your not alone. Whatever it is your going through. someone else is rite their going through the same thing. My music is deep.

EHMP: What is your work ethic like and how would you make changes for the better?

RR: Never stopping!!!!! Success is not even in my vocabulary. Something I like to say. I will be the same at the top of the mountain. As I was at the bottom so I will never think I’m to large for anything. Just the way I am.

EHMP: How did you link up with A.D. The General, Ms FeFe NAB and The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

RR: I linked up with the both by knowing Ms FeFe for many many moon’s. She is a best friend of my cousin in Kansas City. We linked up after me running across her on myWWW.MYSPACE.COM/THERICORICARDO page. We started talking and it was a wrap. We did our first song called (GET CLAPPED) ft. Ms FeFe N.A.B & G3mz. After that we just worked on the other projects such as “Candy” and “Dope” which is my sisters, coming soon Santina Vega C.E.O. of Yo Vega inc. Another song called “F Yo Click” on a cd call HookMandinie which is a friend in Kansas City artist name Albaleani cd which is out now. Time passed and I just got so interested in the Elegant Hoodness Team N.A.N & N.A.B. movement. I could do nothing but ask who was running this great team of artist / business minded people that had the same drive that I did. Question to that was A.D. the General, so Ms FeFe N.A.B. hooked it up and I said what is it i need to do to be involved and to prove that I can do and be apart of this movement. At the time after we talked. I got locked up for six months and when i got out we started back where we left off. ((Moving as a team))

E.H.M.P.: You are one of the newest members of Team N.A.N. Missouri. How does it feel to be a part of a world wide movement?

RR: It feels good especially coming from Kansas City and working with a huge team N.A.N. that has made an impact on the underground scene worldwide. The goal in my city (well my goals) is to keep my name going and buzzing but get to places where none will ever hear my music. Now I’m global and love being with such a strong team that has the same passion as Rico Ricardo! Thx to my sis Ms FeFe I love her for that one. One of the best female rappers in my opinion. Love what we do and love my team. I don’t think they could have chosen a better person to join in my opinion. Just because I am motivated love music, networking and love to give back. It It is very hard in this world to come across people that got the same mind frame in this world. Especially being an artist doing business ((my opinion a lot of artist are selfish. My team goals are to give to the artist what more can u ask for. Team N.A.N. & N.A.B. work like Ms FeFe say’s to me All the time. ((Networking to increase your net worth enough said!!))

E.H.M.P.: The Elegant Hoodness Hoodness has it’s Grand Opening April 30th in Kc Missouri your home town? How did that come about?

RR: “FAN MUTHA FUDDGIN FANTASTIC” Lol I mean the feed back was great from my town. Proberly didnt’t know we had >> meaning it’s hard to trust people period. To do this event and have people fly here and get people together to actually do a music competition. Wow!! Never did nothing like it here. We all enjoyed our selves. It was a drams free, You know the show was great. Especially when Tech N9ne comes without an invite. He is a hard person to contact. Out of no where he came through. Much love to Tech N9ne for that. Strange music but it went great. We will be doing it again in August 2011. Also celebrating my 31st birthday in the same event. So I look forward to doing it again. Team N.A.N., N.A.B., Yo Vega, Whatcha Saay Record’s Rico Ricardo is on goooooo mode.Notthing but up from here. Much love and respect to my whole team from Kansas City to New York. We love what we do and we never going to stop it!!!!!!!!! Shout out’s to everybody doing music, never let anybody tell you can’t do nothing. It only makes you stronger and I hope it does you as well Rico Ricardo Whatchaa Saaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy Rec Yo Vega Ink. Team N.A.N & N.A.B. That’s fam ishhh Niccccaa!!!!!!!!!


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