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Quick! Name the greatest tag teams of all time. If you are a wrestling fan like me, this question is harder than it seems. A tag team by definition is two people working in concert to accomplish the same goal. If Yung Starr and KardiaK were a wrestling tag team, they probably would have the name of “The Naturals”. These two gifted and talented emcees are destined to be the future of the music industry. “Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce, ‘The Naturals’!” Greatness is calling their name.

Yung Starr, would be the cocky, mouthpiece of this “hip hop” tag team. Born in East New York, Yung Starr would be the first to tell you that he started rhyming at the age of three and hasn’t stopped since. Although the youngest member of “The Naturals”, Yung Starr has been writing and performing for the past six years at some of the most legendary venues throughout NYC, including The Supper Club to name a few. Influenced by the likes of BIG, Jadakiss, Big Daddy Kane, Joell Ortiz, Nas, and Rakim, Yung Starr has grown to become one of the most well respected emcees in his community and is now looking to take his career to the next level.

KardiaK is the grizzled veteran of this team. Having seen more than his partner in rhyme, his experiences will and have offered valuable knowledge not only to his partner, but to everything that they are going to achieve in the music industry. Kardiak, the self proclaimed, "superhero of rap”, was born in Queens, but raised in the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn. It was here that, thanks to an older sibling and the encouragement of his neighborhood that he decided to pursue rhyme and the passion he had for it! Inspired by the likes of Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRSOne, LL Cool J, and Slick Rick among others, Kardiak has decided that he is out to return the industry back to its lyrical roots and will not let his predecessors down.

E.H.M.P: Can you give me one word to describe each of you?

YS & k: (KARDIAK) Determined. Determined defintely, I’ve been through alot of stuff. No matter what. No matter how hard the fight, I got to keep going. I didnt want to give up, if I dont keep going who’s going to do it for me. It’s not about me anymore. Now I have a baby girl and at the end of the day I have to make sure she has what she needs. So defintely determined. Determined is the best way to go.

(YUNG STAR) Dedicated. I say that because I’ve been rapping since I was three. I’ve been going strong since the age of eleven. It’s always been a passion for me. Always. Can’t nothing stop me from doing what I have to do. I’ve done argued with my mom’s about this an all that. I feel there’s nothing that can deter me away from this. I got cut in the face for this sh*t. You know what im saying? That’s when you do a certain thing and you got people respecting you for what you do. Then you have somebody who is not known or somebody who just wants to be where you are. That hate element is a very fat gun. That’s what that was. I tore the show down, I guess he was upset cause he wasnt where I was at. Long story short, he cut me in the face, tried to slit my throat. Ummmm shout out to you, “I’m still here and the girls love this anyway”.

E.H.M.P.: Who decided that you come together?

(KARDIAK) Again that was a decison we mutually made together. Like he said, I was rapping. Everybody knew I rap. Everybody used to tell me about this dudeYung Star blah blah blah was nice. I didnt know it was him. That’s sad. We used to chill out I didnt know it was him they were talking about. So one day we were in a cypher everybody was spitting. Everbody going in. They were going in, everybody was going in. I spit, then he started spitting. I’m not the kind of dude that doesn’t like competition or actual talent cause it only makes u better. So knowing he was that good, I had to be around him. I had to see why he rapped the way he did. What inspired him. So we started building on that kind of relationship. Ever since then we been like brothers. That’s real talk. Like even before and after this we gone always be that. That’s the love we have.

(YUNG STAR) It was actually a decision we made amongst ourselves. Like, we were on the block one day. Everybody was spitting. It was a little cypher we were doing. So, I didnt know that Kardiak rap. At that point the only people I knew that rhyme, was me and some other dudes I know, “they lazy”. So we in the cypher, I seen him spit. It was nice. It was dope. Boom, we started to talk. One day I believe I had a meeting with Doug (Pulsar Ent), we were going over some contract. I told Kardiak to come through. So we went over there, he spit. Doug fell in love with it. That was it!! We been going strong since.

E.H.M.P.: What is your take on hip hop right now?

YS & K: (KARDIAK) I love hip hop, You know what I’m saying? I love the whole aura of it. I love some of the new artist that came out but I got to feel some special way. It’s not lack of talent cause that’s disrespectful to the people thats been doing it for so long. It’s a different element. It’s something new. Something like “A breath of fresh Air” maybe. That’s the best way to put it and I think we are that. To sum it up real quick, I think we are that new breath of fresh air that will bring a lot of old hip hop fans back and some new ones. Get their head’s boppin with some new music.

(YUNGTAR) My take on hip hop right now, I feel like it’s missing that loyalty. What I mean by that is loyalty to the fans. This is not any disrespect to any artist out there doing there thing. I’m a young dude, about to be 18. Who grew up looking at Hip Hop from a different stand point. I grew up listening to Big Daddy Kane. When I watched him perform and other artist perform, their drive was just about giving their all. Artist today I don’t feel that they give us that same drive. You know that ooomff, like old artist did. They don’t give their all in there music. So we have to bring that back. That passion. A lot of artist do it strictly for the money. Not to many artist do it for the love of music. So when that element was lost, A lot was lost in there music.
E.H.M.P.: Describe your relationship with A.D. the General. What’s your relationship like with her?

YS & K: (KARDIAK) A.D. The General is looking out for Kardiak right now. She looking out for Yung Star. She know we on the come up. She know we trying to grind and make it happen. Ever since we started our media run, she has been coaching us, holding us down. We first was introduced to her when she hosted our mix tape. I guess she took a liking to us. Got to be something. She’s been there every step of the way every single interview and believe in her. So far she said she will be with us. Shout outs to A.D. The General. I guess our relationship is still growing as artist, cause were both artist. You can ask this question in another couple of months to get another answer.

(YUNG STAR) I first me A.D. The General at the age of 14, but she doesn’t remember. On the set of “It’s not a Joke This Year” video shoot by my cousin ”Word Spit” shout to Word Spit. We spoke a little bit that day, when I found out who she was again cause Doug came to me and said A.D. will be hosting the mixtape. I didn’t recognize the name but when I got to the radio station and saw her I was like ooo, that’s u? She hit me with who are you? (laughs) it’s cool it’s been a good while she’s real cool and down to earth we can have a converstaion on the artist tip. I respect everything she’s doing as she respect’s what I’m doing. I don’t co sign to much but I will co sign. Our manager told us a lot about the connections and network A.D. has and she does, everything she said would happen has.

E.H.M.P.: Who brought you to Pulsar Entertainment? What has this meant to your respective careers?

YS & K: (YUNG STAR) I was introduced to Pulsar Ent through my father. Now my father Big Dave shout out to Big Dave. He was friend’s with Doug for a long time. At first I was doing so many things on my own and with my father. That we hadn’t had the opportunity to actually link and work. Some time had went by and I noticed some things were changing. He was actually doing something. I’ve had so many ppl tell me they can do this and that and it doesn’t fall through. With that being said, I said let’s go over there again. Went over there everything was good. Like you know what this is where we going to be. I’m comfortable ever since than, nobody really knew me I wasnt known just in my hood. It wasnt where it is now. Now I’m on so many differnt radio stations it’s retarded. Pulsar Ent took it to another level. I saw myself on a website and remember banging on the desk somewhere. I loved it. Doug didn’t even know I was on there. I was happy to know I can be googled. I’ve been running with Pulsar for two years now. Looking back from then till now, I see I have made some progress. Thanks to Doug.

(KARDIAK) Our first goal was to be googled. It’s not even like the progress was getting in the studio for a little while. It’s an on going thing. It’s still the beginning. When I told people I was on a mix tape. Shout out to Doug for making that happen. they was like ooo Kardiak is on a mixtape, then they thought that was it. Then I’m on a album, then they heard I was coming out with my own album. Then I’m coming out with my own mix tape. Cause of Pulsar we’ve been able to keep moving, It has to be something. I swear I’m not wasting my time. I know Yung Star not wasting his time and I know Pulsar isn’t wasting his time. I know this is going to be something and going to do something. And it’s all because of that meeting. When Doug heard me spit. I dont like riding somebodies coat tale. I have never been that kind of dude. That’s not how I was brought up!! I didn’t even want to spit his Yung Star father was like go in. He put some beats on and I attacked them. Like he said he loved them and we’ve been going hard since. Pulsar is like a family to me and that’s like what you said A.D. this is a business. You dont know what will happen in the future but right now Pulsar is where its at. This is where its going to happen thanks to Pulsar.
E.H.M.P.: Can you tell us about your future projects?

(KARDIAK) I have alot of shows coming up. Did my first show, Shout outs to Pulsar for he made that happen. Shout out to william, still a little nervous I want peolpe to hear me. That will over power the nervousness. I have this project coming up called Kadik chronicles, every week I’m going to drop a freestyle on a industry beat, If I can get some regular beats I will do that. I’m aiming to get a lot of beats from artist I respect that’s already in the industry. And hit them with some bars with a different concept and a bunch of different free styles. Just to let them know every week I’m going to put out something out for free just so people know I’m out here. I want people to know who I am through my music. That’s the best way for people to get to know you. Then I have my mix tape coming out in the summer time followed by my first album coming out called “Surrounded by my thoughts” that’s going to be crazy. I’m tellin y’all real rap from a real dude, who’s willing to give u a piece of me. There’s alot of artist that don’t want to be honest. I’m not scared to be myself and I’m ready be honest.

(YUNG STAR) Like I said I have “legal injection” dropping and we got my solo album “Mind of a Teen” in the works. Alot of show’s lined up, will be at the five spot coming up. We will be performing at Elegant Hoodness Musical Programon the 21st of May. Shout outs to Elegant Hoodness. You can find me all over the place.
E.H.M.P.: What’s next for Kardiak and Yung Starr?

(KARDIAK) Like I told you a lot of shows, a lot of music. What I have coming out in June. “Surrounded by my thoughts” coming out that’s my first album. Just trying to be in everybody face. At the end of the day music is all about dedication and progress. So what I plan to do is be at as many venues as possible. Elegant Hoodness is one of them. Anything I can get on. If I got to pay a dude cause he got a buzz, I’m a do it. Trying to be everywhere.

(YUNG STAR) In my eye’s my next step is to just be better in everything every aspect of my career. Elevate my shows elevate my music elevate my name. I plan to be doing a whole lot more interviews and shows. I have a show coming up at thefive spot. You will also see me at Elegant Hoodness Musical Program April 2o in NYC. I have my solo mixtape on May 25 called “Lethal Injection” so be sure to get that. Right now we have our Audio Man Slaughter mixtape hosted by A.D. The General, thats fire. Then following my mix tape we have my solo album ” Mind of a Teen” in the stores right now and on itunes. My first single “Run this” off the Audio Man Slaughter mix tape. Progress is still the process.

E.H.M.P.: How can your fans contact you?

(KARDIAK) Kardiak spit’s fire on facebook. Lots of videos and free styles coming up real soon. Twitter @kardiak84 on twitter

(YUNG STAR) twitter @yung_star


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