Thursday, April 26, 2012


Brownsville 300

“When you see one, just know that it’s 300!” A movement so strong and well-rounded, Brownsville 300 is bringing the energy and love back to Hip Hop. Established in 2009 in Brownsville Brooklyn, BV300 formed a super movement of brothers that swore to always hold eachother down and never let ego’s diminish the goal set before them. LOYALTY OVER LOVE! Nothing fake, nothing fabricated; BV300 moves as one. Unity at its finest, BV300 signifies just that. Real lyrical soldiers on the forefront of Hip Hop and they will always remain to keep it 300. Respect the grind, respect the movement, and WELCOME TO BROWNSVILLE!

Ms. FeFe: What good all? I see you guys are reppin Brownsville Brooklyn, but what does the 300 signify?

Brownsville 300: 300 signifies unity and like the movie “300“, we ALL work TOGETHER to achieve our goals. We are a nation of ONE. If we have one weakness in our movement then we all will be exposed, and I am the 1st of 300 too say we have NONE!

Ms. FeFe: When was BV300 first established?

BV300: Brownsville 300 was established in 2009 by Streetz (Founder).

Ms. FeFe: Who are some of your influences that helped you come up with the idea to form such a super movement?

BV300: Wu Tang Clan, Boot Camp Clik, movements like that influenced who we are today.

Ms. FeFe: Being that it is so many of you, how are you able to keep all the ego’s in check?

BV300: Ego’s? What ego’s? “Ego” doesn’t exist in 300 vocabulary. We are really brothers who push each other to be the best, which in turn we feel makes us unstoppable!

Ms. FeFe: How important is Team Work to Brownsville 300?

BV300: Very important! And to have Team Work you must be able to accept criticism in every aspect, and who else to accept criticism from but your fellow Spartan? We keep it 300, everyone should do the same.

Ms. FeFe: You all recently took first place at The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program in NYC, congratulations! How did you get involved and how was the Elegant Hoodness experience for you?

BV300: Thank you! Networking, Twitter, and the streets. We enjoyed the atmosphere. A lot of different talent was there and we did what we do best; shut competitions down!!!!

Ms. FeFe: You have the mix tape “300 Muzik: Welcome 2 Sparta!” out right now hosted by DJ Bedtyme 357. What other projects are you all working on as a team and as solo artist?

BV300: We have an album produced entirely by super producer Wild Urk of U.R.K. Productions, we also have about 3-4 mixtapes in the wing waiting to be released throughout the Spring as well as Summer starting off with "III00" (300). We are not focused on solo projects as of yet. We have solo songs but we want to establish 300. We all realize this movement is bigger than any one man so we sacrifice for what we believe in. 300 is the religion and a way of life.

Ms. FeFe: What advice can you give to other aspiring artist trying to establish a well-balanced team and genuine movement?

BV300: Respect and communicate with one another. I’m sorry, the genuine thing can not be taught. 300 wasn’t taught to love one another as we do, it’s just something being where we are from that is instinct....300!!! Ahhhhwwwuuuu!!! Dat!!! We Are Our Spartan’s Keeper!

Ms. FeFe: What is one thing that you want the world to know about Brownsville 300?

BV300: That this is not a fly by night movement. We aren’t going anywhere, we will never break up. When you see one, just know its 300...Ahhhhwwwuuuuu Dat!!!!

Ms. FeFe: Any last words or shout outs?

BV300: Shout out to Brownsville, to everyone who supports us. To Wild Urk for recognizing real talent from a real movement. Shouts to DJ Bedtyme 357 for riding with us from jump. Ms. Streetz of That’s Good Radio for holding us down, Say It Ain’t So DVD for the best visuals out us looking real Spartanish! Shouts to Risk It All Studios for putting up with all the noise. Mama Esther Serrano and Carmel Serrano love you guys! As well as N.A.B. and AD The General and you for blessing our lives with this interview, we are grateful! Follow us on Twitter @Brownsville300 Ahwuu Dat!!!!!



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  1. This is was good interview. Keep the movement strong!