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Sincere is what they call him, but he is far from that when it comes to the essence of the DJ'ing. When he touches those turn tables, the beast is unleashed. Since the tender age of 13, Queens native, DJ Sincere knew exactly what he wanted to do in life. He wanted to make people love. He wanted to make people feel free. He wanted to make people live; and he did that through music. He DJ'ed at block parties, house parties, school functions, parks, etc. Wherever he could let the music be heard and his talent be seen, he did not hesitate to showcase. It was a marriage made in heaven and he was truly in love. Til this day the passion never died, the love never faded, and the flame never extinguished. DJ'ing is in his blood. The Technique SL-B10's, the Empire 280 LT cartridges, the 12 inch vinyl's all made what DJ Sincere is today; classic material and one of the greatest that ever did it. RESPECT THE ART! RESPECT THE DJ!


Ms. FeFe: What is your definition of a DJ?

DJ Sincere: Well beyond being able to scratch, mix and blend a DJ is somebody who has wide knowledge of and love for all types of music. A complete DJ should be adaptable to different musical environments. A DJ should not just play the music but help shape the publics taste.

Ms. FeFe: Tell me about DJ Sincere. When and how did you receive the title of "DJ"?

DJ Sincere: I would describe myself as musically talented and business savvy, actually I would say I was a businessman first. I would loan money to one of my older brothers and make him sign an i.o.u, I was about 8! The public determines whether you are a DJ by your public performances and your recorded output.

Ms. FeFe: Has DJ'ing always been a passion of yours?

DJ Sincere: Yes, from the moment I actually saw and understood what a DJ as opposed to a radio personality does I was hooked. I just kind of instinctively felt that I could do it and be good at it.

Ms. FeFe: Describe to me how you felt when you got your first set of turn tables.

DJ Sincere: Let me tell you, I had spent two years BEGGING my parents for DJ equipment. The first year my father got me a all in one stereo, it had the turntable,radio and tape deck together. We used to make the illest pause tapes with that joint! (what ya'll know about that lol) I wanted turntables though so it was back to begging. The next year I  got ONE direct drive turntable that you couldn't spin on. The following year my parents started giving me money for by birthday and I couldn't spend it fast enough, I went straight to Jamaica Ave and brought my first pair of turntables! It felt great! They were Technique SL-B10's and I got 2 Empire 280 LT cartridges to go with them. My cousin gave me a amp,tuner and pair of speakers and I was good to go, I'll never forget the feeling.

Ms. FeFe: Do you play any other type of instruments?

DJ Sincere: Not anymore. I come from a musical family. My mother plays piano and can read music. I took piano and played when I was younger but got away from it when I got bit by the DJ bug. I regret that, I wish I hadn't stopped. I'm going  to take some lessons in the near future. I have an older brother is  fantastic on anything with keys.

Ms. FeFe: When it comes to DJ'ing today, we are now in the digital age. Turn Tables vs. Laptops. Give me your take on it.

DJ Sincere:  You have to stay current but it will always be about TALENT not TECHNOLOGY. The ease of the technology has created an over saturation of people who call themselves DJ'S but a lot of times the skill and imagination is not there. Regardless of the type of "rig" that you use skill and imagination are vital if not they are just button pushers. Digital systems help to hide a lot of flaws and make some DJs seem to be better that they really are. Some have settings that even is the needle is jumping on all of a DJs scratches, you, the listener wouldn't know it! Anybody can DJ under those circumstances but could they do without it. They are plenty of DJ'S who just upgraded their systems but can really rock.

Ms. FeFe: Tell me about DrtyBsmnt Multimedia. When was it first established and what is it all about?

DJ Sincere: Drtybsmnt Multimedia came out of the "old dirty basement"studio  aka the "obd" (respect and r.i.p. to ol dirty bastard) which itself began as a running joke in about 1992. We had a blanket for a door on the studio then, that was the old dirty blanket. I had a Doberman then he became the old dirty dog lol! The first name for the studio was actually Red Black and Green studios and was started with some brothers I met at the Afrikan Poetry Theater. The first time I told someone the new name and they laughed I knew I was on to something. It became Drtybsmnt Multimedia because I realized that I was better at providing some of the services than the people that I was relying on to provide them for me.

Ms. FeFe: You are a man of many hats. You are also President of the East Coast Division of the world famous X-Squad DJ'S. How did you gain that position?

DJ Sincere:  In any business you have to be. If you cant do it you'll have to pay someone to do it for you. After being a member of X-Squad DJs for about a year the position opened up and Damillionz who is the CEO felt I would be good for the position.

Ms. FeFe: Your grind is impeccable. You DJ, you host a radio show and podcast, you hold Presidential duties for X-Squad DJ'S, and you're at all the hottest events in NYC. How do you do it?

DJ Sincere: Thank you, that's very nice of you to say. Its not all me, over the years I have had a lot of fantastic people to work with that helped make Drtybsmnt Multimedia. Justrue Nelson, Johnnie QuestBig Maka, Mello Dave, Tuff Thom, Mikey D, King, K-Dog and others.

Ms. FeFe: A lot of artists these days don't understand the concept of respecting the DJ. What is the science behind the artist and the DJ and why should they be highly respected?

DJ Sincere: They don't understand the business of music and the integral part that the DJ plays in getting the artist music to the public. The DJ not only can break new artists but also help to sustain established ones. Today's artist because of the Internet believe that they can bypass the DJ with the use of social media. Then they get upset when their songs not getting much if any play even in their own town. if you don't support the DJ then the DJ wont support you. An artist can make all the songs they want but if they're not getting played, heard and promoted by DJs of all types, then what?

Ms. FeFe: Are you working with any particular artists at the moment?

DJ Sincere: I am currently working most heavily with Flawless DaRapChick from Brooklyn NY, Mac Don from Queens NY and Bizz of BlakGlobe Records from NJ. Flawless' new mixtape is called  "NO HOME TRAINING" and is as crazy as it sounds! Look for Mac Don's "LAST OF THE MAC-HEGIANS" album dropping soon and you can get Bizz album "THE PRINCE OF JERSEY 2.0" now online and in stores such as FYE, Best Buy and more!

Ms. FeFe: What is next for DJ Sincere and DrtyBsmnt?

DJ Sincere:  Well, I don't wanna say too much but we may be working closely with some well known persons and venturing into film. I also have some ideas for new mixtapes.

Ms. FeFe: What advice can you give aspiring DJ'S trying to make a name for themselves?

DJ Sincere: Practice your craft before you look to "get out there". Create a good epk/bio. That alone will do more to get people to take you seriously than many DJs realize. Network as much as possible and be open to opportunities. Build a heavy online presence because that is what people look for, if your not online its like you don't exist. Realize though that it all cant be done from a lap top. The streets must be fed. Look to do parties and get on the set whenever possible and put out physical copies of your mixtapes.  

Ms. FeFe: What is one thing you want the world to remember about DJ Sincere?

DJ Sincere: If I could only pick one thing, I would want to be remembered for the quality of my work, my catalog and that I left behind classic material.

Ms. FeFe: Any last words, shout outs, or plugs?

DJ Sincere: Thank you for your time and interest in interviewing me for your magazine. Also thank   you to everyone that supports Drtybsmnt Multimedia. Hit me on twitter @DRTYBSMNT.


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