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SPECIALGIFT: When did you become aware music was your calling? During this time where did your inspiration derive from?

CHARLIE - O: I became aware music was my calling in 2008-2009. I was about 27 yrs. old. At this time I was inspired by the music I was Djing at local parties. Music from artist such as Ryan Leslie, Fab, Jeezy, etc...

SPECIALGIFT: You taught yourself how to manifest a beat and control your own equipment. That must has been a tremendous experience. Elaborate some on the emotions and efforts it took to comply?

CHARLIE - O: I sat in front of my laptop for hours researching everything from, the equipment I was using, even other than beat makers. I wanted to figure out exactly where my talent was in beat making. I quickly learned that I would grow to become a great sampler. I started off working wit software and quickly caught on. It was fun for me.

SPECIALGIFT: For those of us who aren't familiar with your prior work, can you fill in the blanks? Who have you produced for? Any accolade's we should know about? Etc...

CHARLIE - O: Gutta Millz, Large Amount, L.C The One, Blacksteelz, New Yitty, and numerous other unsigned talent. I also had the pleasure of producing a track "Life we Live" with my friend Joseph Gordan Levitt, who played the guitar on the track.

SPECIALGIFT: I hear there's an up and coming compilation mix tape called "Hear what I'm Feeling" in the making. Where are you with that project? When should we expect the release?

CHARLIE - O: I am just about finished with the mix tape. It should be done hopefully by May 22nd, 2012. You are the first person I gave my date to. It's my deceased grandmother's b-day!!

SPECIALGIFT: What else is Charlie - O presently doing? 

CHARLIE - O: I engineer for all the artist I work with. I mix down a master most of my tracks. I also shoot music video's and edit on my own. I self taught myself along with the help of a few engineers and my boy Joseph Gordan Levitt. He taught me a few tips on the final cut.

SPECIALGIFT: Tell us reader's and fan's where do we stay acquainted with you and your talent? Name any sites as well. Give any shout out's as well.

CHARLIE - O: I have my website I'm on twitter @charlieo_beatz My email

Shout out's to my parent's and my siblings. My wife, my team (SsG), all the people that believe in me and support what I do. Special shoutz to A.D. The General and the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program for the opportunity.



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