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SPECIALGIFT: I'm asking this question for those of us who haven't had the opportunity to perceive, who Slayher is? Elaborate some.

SLAYHER: I am a young, talented, independent artist who was born in Beaufort, SC and raised in Georgia. I've always had a gift of expressing myself through words. I've always felt the need to entertain people with my talents. whether it was through jokes, dancing, rapping or singing. I'm a humble but yet determined individual who has always given back and never accepted failure as an option.

SPECIALGIFT: I read you've grown up a "military brat". How does this experience contribute to your music career?

SLAYHER: Well being a "military brat" and currently serving in the Military has definitely contributed to my music career. You get to travel the world to the different countries and learn about the different types of music. As well as the importance behind their music. Each country has different reasons for their use of music. Some celebrate significant events and rituals. That experience not only allowed me to hear different genre's of music, from different countries such as Europe and Iraq. I understand the importance of the culture's and their music.

SPECIALGIFT: Have you always been driven to become a hip hop artist? Do you host any other talent(s)?

SLAYHER: Actually, I've been driven to become a hip hop artist since about the age of 8. I remember my sister and I use to tie up Dr. Seuss books to our neck with shoe strings like they were drums and try to make beats... LOL. My very first song that I came out with was called "Step Back It's a Party Ya'll" and as hilarious as this may sound, I actually still remember the hook and how my sister and I would go in circles and jump around to perform this song. As far as other talents, yes I do have a few such as Djing, dancing and being a commercial host for special events. I use to watch my uncle who we called "Uncle Pie" DJ at all the family reunions and receptions. I became fascinated with the art of mixing and mastering. So I than decided to purchase my own tables.

SPECIALGIFT: What have you been actually doing music wise, within the last year till present?

SLAYHER: Musically I've been writing several songs about my life, things that I've experienced as both a child and an adult. I've been learning to enhance my lyrical skills and content through educating myself. I've also traveled to different cities and states to build a buzz for myself as an artist. I've entered in different showcases such as independent showcases that were sponsored by Coast to Coast Mixtapes and Magazines to my most recent Elegant Hoodness Musical Program.

SPECIALGIFT: What is your acquaintance with Elegant Hoodness? What have you experienced so far with there program?

SLAYHER: My first acquaintance with Elegant Hoodness was probably the most educational experience that will definitely leave an lasting image for me. The reason I say this is because this was my first time dealing with Elegant Hoodness but from the time I walked up to the door I received love and the utmost respect. A.D. The General even though was hosting, she shed a lot of knowledge and took the time to educate me as an up an coming artist. Especially being a female. Since I've worked with Elegant Hoodness my twitter buzz and exposure has gotten bigger. Even after the showcase was complete, everyone affiliated kept in touch. This experience was and is definitely a memorable journey that I will cherish working with Elegant Hoodness Musical Program.

SPECIALGIFT: You have a new mixtape coming out "Now or Never". Tell us about the process? What are you working on?

SLAYHER: Yes. I am currently working on my mixtape titled "Now or Never" and that name came about with the help of my manager. We were talking and I was like "I need a name for my mix tape", the first name that came to him was "Now or Never" because he felt there was no more time to waist with pushing me as an artist and it was either "Now or Never". I currently have distribution marketers promoting and pushing my recent single "Yea I Know" featuring Sheroc who is another independent artist. I have also entered in several other showcases recently that are being hosted by Coast to Coast Mixtapes/Magazines. Shooting videos that I'm a featured artist in and basically just grinding hard everyday because I'm determined to make it.

SPECIALGIFT: Anything you would like to add? How about shout out's?

SLAYHER: Yes if your not doing so already. Follow me on twitter @Slayher86, make sure you check my Reverbnation page Slayher and look out for my single "Yea I Know" video coming soon. Shout out's to my manager Amp G because of his hard work I'm able to conduct this interview, my labelmate Diverse... "I Rise, You Rise, We Rise", High Rise Ent, Killer Benn "We Better Than You" and last but not least the man who first put me in the studio, my brother from another Bryan "B Dot" Davis.



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