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SPECIALGIFT: You are bright, charming, charismatic and admirable. You are a student, baller and an artist. You even have great teeth I must say, as well. (smiles) My Goodness you have super swag, lol!! Tell me and our readers about yourself and how you can sustain your many talents.

ST. LOU: Lol thanks, Well i go by the name St.Lou, it was a nickname my friend gave me when i was younger. I'm 18 years old, I was born in the Bronx, But raised in South Side Jamaica Queens. I started rapping at the age of 12, and was also in a rap group. We did our thing for a year, from 2007-2008 then went our separate ways when things wasn't going right. Ever since then i been a solo artist. I played Varsity Basketball for 2 years at Hillcrest High School. I'm currently in College, I attend BMCC for now, planning on transferring to Florida State University. Have my own team called $Livin Rich$, starting up a clothing line by the way. I got a buzz in South Side Jamaica Queens, I'm trying to make my buzz worldwide. I make music people can relate to with some good concepts. Such as Party/Hype music, to Relationships/Heartbreaks, Fashion & etc. I work hard and put a lot into all my songs, i know it will pay off soon. I'm just waiting for my time. I Sustain my many talents by just being dedicated and humble. If i make up my mind to do something...Imma do it.

SPECIALGIFT: O.k., so I hear you have a single coming out April 21, 2012, that's great. Enhance us with details, titles etc.

ST. LOU: Yeah, I got a song called "Stuntin' In My J'z" Featuring my two homie's, Charms Montana & Dezzy Finesse and Produce by my homie J-Wiz. I wanted to make a song that many people across the world can relate to. I know a lot of people wear the sneakers Jordan's such as myself. So I wanted to make an anthem, which will have an impact on the world. Good Lyrics & A fire beat. You can got to YouTube on the 21st at 6pm the track will be up.

SPECIALGIFT: What are you plans after this release? Elaborate a bit.

ST LOU: After the release I'm going to promote it hard so it will be an success & shoot an official video for it. I have a lot of original fire music coming out. I'm going to do more videos, shows, keep grinding hard and being humble.

SPECIALGIFT: You performed at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program March of this year, 2012. How did that come about? How was the experience? Elaborate on the outcome.

ST. LOU: It was a great feeling ! I was the youngest one in there and when I heard Bones Brigante was there i was shocked. I wanted to put on a show and I did, The crowd was feeling me and my music and I did my thing. As a new act i came in 3rd place and judges said I had a lot of energy. I was proud of myself.

SPECIALGIFT: I noticed a recent tweet on twitter from you that stated, "Got so many events coming up, future looking great". Now that's grand!! Where can we expect you in the next up coming months? 

ST. LOU: Hopefully on a big radio station or on TV, I mean who knows ? I'm just going to keep doing what im doing now and put God 1st because he never lets me down

SPECIALGIFT: Where can the readers and your fans keep acquainted with you?

ST. LOU: Follow me on Twitter @Louey_Haha , Facebook type in Sejohn Louey Bernard , Facebook Artist Page type in St.Lou , On YouTube type in LoueyLouTV , If you want to book me for shows or send beats my email is



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  1. Awwww he's a cutie! LOL, nice interview!