Thursday, April 26, 2012


MR. 13

SPECIALGIFT: Hello and thank you for taking to time to have this interview. Will you take this time to tell us when and how Da Cypha shows, come about? Elaborate please?

DA CYPHADaCypha show was created by Mr.13 in 2009, his plan was to create an outlet where upcoming artists could gain exposure. Originally DaCypha Show was on Blog Talk Radio, but soon after we expanded and moved into DTF RADIO

SPECIALGIFT: Why did you decide to call the show Da Cypha

DA CYPHADa Cypha is the circle where lots of Emcees can showcase their talent, it is also the original proving ground for upcoming emcee's. 

SPECIALGIFT: You guys also do photography and production. Tell us how that came into play? You can express other details you may want the viewers to know about, in regards.

DA CYPHA: The Photography and video production came about as a way to promote our Website and Radio show to the internet. People who saw our video and pictures on Social Network sites would become listeners of the show. So we used it mainly as a way to promote what we were doing over at DTF, however it grew into its own animal. We now help artists with photo shoots, branding, music videos, and so on. We even have a month program called DaCypha TV on, so keep checking for that.

SPECIALGIFT: Where do you see the Da Cypha show in two years?

DA CYPHA: We see ourselves growing into a global brand, we want to increase our presence throughout the globe. Our current listeners are from the United States, but we have recently seen growth in Europe. Right now we have a lot of upcoming artists on the show, but would like to have more notable guest. We helped launch the careers of Action Bronson and Shaz IllYork and had legends like Rock from Heltah Skeltah on our show.

SPECIALGIFT: When and how did you become acquainted with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? What about this movement keeps you guys in the loops and support? Elaborate please.

DA CYPHA: We first came across the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program when they were doing shows out of Santana's in Williamsburg. I meet A.D. The General through a mutual friend who was one of her guest judges for the show that night. The show was dope and filled with great artists, it was a good place to network so we keep coming back and supporting the movement. 

SPECIALGIFT: What would you say are the benefits of participating with E.H.M.P.? 

DA CYPHA: Networking, and exposure, you get to meet a lot of artists that are really trying to make a career for themselves. We dedicate an entire DaCypha Show once a month to the winners of the E.H.M.P

SPECIALGIFT: Is there anything more you would like to express in regards to Da Cypha Show, the production/photography business, etc?

DA CYPHA: If your an upcoming artist and you need help with Logo's, Album Designs, Photo shoots, of Video give us a shout. We provide quality service at a great rate, you can see what we are all about on

SPECIALGIFT: Any shout out you feel to give? Where the viewers and fans keep acquainted with you guys?

DA CYPHA: Shouts to Ad The General, Special Gift and the entire N.A.B squad, Shouts to Heks who introduced us to A.D., Shouts to the Redpill team, Look out for the Cloud City Mixtape coming later this year, and god for making this all possible. To stay informed on what we are doing just join our website



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