Sunday, July 29, 2012


E.H.M.P: Congratulations on your recent win at The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program NY, How did you feel once you were announced winner?

DEME: Thanks I was hype there was a lot of good acts there that night, it was a good moment.

E.H.M.P: How long have you been rapping? Do you remember your first 8 bars ever written? Let me hear it?

DEME: I've been writing rhymes off and on for 15 years, recording off and on for 10.  I’ve been focused though for the last 6, I stopped the off and on shit. My team Lynk Fam has been on it. Lol nah I can’t remember.

E.H.M.P: What separates you from the average rapper? What makes your story different than the rest?

DEME: What separates me is just that I am a rapper. I’m not a hustler or gangster that happens to rap in my spare time. I’m about the music and the art; I've always been a student of the game. A lot of rappers today brag about not caring about their craft. I definitely want to be respected as a Mc. My story isn’t really different. I’m from the slums; I grew up in poverty and middle class sections, trying to use my passion to find a way out.  In my music I present my similar story with creativity so it doesn’t come of generic.

E.H.M.P: What’s the creative process for you like?

DEME: It depends sometimes I already have a concept to build off or I might already have a hook to work with. Sometimes if I get a beat I might just vibe and keep zoning to the track till something starts flowing. Making the music is my favorite part most def.

E.H.M.P: Who are your favorite 5 rappers of all time?

DEME:  That’s hard because like I said I’m a Hip Hop junkie, I’ll say Method Man, Nas, Prodigy, Biggie, LL cool J. There are so many more though. I was heavy on Bcc, Scarface, Fugees etc... But those 5 played a major role when I was coming up.

E.H.M.P: Where do you see your self a year from now?

DEME: I want to be a heavy presence in the underground scene, as far as being recognized and viewed as the next nigga who you should look out for. Keep building my core audience. I want djs, promoters, producers to be familiar with my face and my music. Then I can take that next step.

E.H.M.P: Any thank you or shout outs?

DEME: Lynk Fam we out here, Amazin G.A.D, Dutch Anthemz

Written by, A.D. The General
Courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2012

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