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N.A.B. : What is your outlook on the current state of hip hop?

BUMPY JOHNSON: I love the current state of hip hop.. you really have to grind to get in a good position.. I do feel it is some wackness out there and a lot of following but for the most part I’m loving it. 
N.A.B. : What do you gear to contribute to the hip hop communities?

BUMPY JOHNSON: Good music style and originality, in whatever order. Once established I would like to open or help fund neighborhood charities and/or organizations. 
N.A.B. : Do you have any present influences? If so who are they and why?

BUMPY JOHNSON: I'm really influenced by the things around me, the things that is seen day in and day out. As far as rappers or musicians go, Jay-Z because of his business. Sean Combsbecause of his business. the homie 50 Cent is also business. Baby and SlimJeezy and Rick Ross for there grind and T.I..The list can go on but those are some notables.

N.A.B.: Is there anyone in particular you see yourself or hope to work with In the future? 

BUMPY JOHNSON: I can see myself working with a lot of artist. I'm a very versatile musician but to name just anyone Snoop Doggy Dogg

N.A.B.: Why do you think there's so much feuding in hip hop today?

BUMPY JOHNSON: I really don’t think its more feuding today then it was in the 90’s or the 80’s, its just more media now so you really know what happens at the time it happens. Hip Hop is like a spectator sport when the first MC picked up the mic and said “a Hip to the Hop” another person said “man I can do that better” picked up his mic and the rest is history. We are competitive by nature so there will always be fueds between rappers, producers, businessmen you name it (most other genres of music also have these rivalries). We just gotta keep a "nobody gets hurt" state of mind. Leaders must control there entourage’s, that’s who mainly starts the trouble, not the musician 

N.A.B.: Give us feedback on your experience with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program

BUMPY JOHNSON: Sh*t I've been working with Elegant Hoodness off and on since the start. Every time I do a show with ya’ll it turns out to be a good look.  All the thing's Elegant Hoodness say their going to do happens and yes I have been at other showcases but I cannot turn down an Elegant Hoodness showcase.. press and media all there, judges are top notch I can’t even go on. The whole situation is great
N.A.B.: Tell us about your newest releases? Elaborate.

BUMPY JOHNSON: My newest release “Death’s Calling” is a dark piece I wrote right after my girl broke up with me. I was in the studio late night and I just had finished the beat. All I kept thinking about was fuck this shit, the hell with a relationship. Drinking some Henny and smoking, the words came to me. I wrote it and laid it down that night. It's only two verses because I didn’t want to pull my fans into a whole dark depressing place. Just give the essence of it 

N.A.B.: What's it like being a mainstream artist?

BUMPY JOHNSON: I enjoy being a mainstream artist. Why would I be in this business of music and not want to prosper. I hear a lot of people say they do it for the love and more power to those people. Other's say they not changing how they rap for no deal. Artistically speaking. If I have to change a few things in order to get my mom's a house, so be it!! 

N.A.B.: What social networks are you affiliated with? Can we stay updated with you there? Any shout out's?




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