Sunday, July 29, 2012




E.H.M.P.: Let’s get right into it. What motivates your music?

G-SYNDER: You know, my Life motivates my music. I want my music to encourage other artist who may have given up on being successful.

E.H.M.P.:  How long have you been rapping and what has been the highlight of your career thus far?

G-SYNDER: I have been recording music for over 20 years. I have traveled and performed; I have met new people and learned about the business.

E.H.M.P.: Where can we listen to or download your music?

G-SYNDER: You can find my music on itunes, just Google the name G.Snyder aka C Gutta and see what you come up with.

E.H.M.P.: How did you connect with A.D. The General?

G-SYNDER: I was contacted by an artist name Mic Handz. He informed me about AD the General's great work; from then on i was very excited to meet her.

E.H.M.P.: What do you value more respect from your fellow mc’s or the love and respect of your fans?

G-SYNDER: If I had to choose it would be the fans because the fans are people that will say yes or no to your music. I would rather have the respect from my fans then the mc's. When I gain the respect from my fans the mc's will follow.

E.H.M.P.: Where do you see your self 5 years from now?

G-SYNDER: I would like to see myself doing a major performance, with my albums in stores and my fans loving what I’m creating.

E.H.M.P.: Any thank you or shout outs?

G-SYNDER: I would like to thank God, friends & family.

Written by, A.D. The General

Courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2012 

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