Monday, July 16, 2012



N.A.B.: Dedication to your craft is definitely in motion. What are your contributions to your music and the mainstream community.

YOUNG PIFFI contribute a lot of time in my craft I put my all in this music and expect it right back.even if someone doesn't like my music they gotta respect my hustle. 

N.A.B.: You've won a few times at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program. How are there services thus far?

YOUNG PIFF It always a pleasure to perform at a Elegant Hoodness showcase. The vibe there is so hip hop and Im always put in a position to network with people that open other lanes and set me up for my next move. 

N.A.B.: Whats new? Elaborate on some matters your viewer's should be aware of.

YOUNG PIFF flow new vibe new movement. The new mixtape is done and we ready to put it out on a really big scale. We got producer's from California, Miami and even Spain that reached out to work on my new project and that's word on my pops there's nothing on the underground circuit that on the same level. 

N.A.B.: How often are you in the studio?

YOUNG PIFFI try to be in the studio as much as I can but living life prohibits me from being there everday. I would say on the average 3 days a week for about 5 hours a session. 

N.A.B.: In a prior interview with an  N.A.B. member via Gsteam843 you stated "What you see is what you get, no artificial ingredients". I like the sound of that and totally agree. Give us an example of what's the truth verses articicial?

YOUNG PIFF Everything I say I meant I seen or I did. I don't use stories I've over heard from the next man or stunt about thibgs I don't have.what you is what you get a real Nigga with real lyrics.

N.A.B. : You've met a significant amount of reputable people. Have you built a relationship with any of these reputable individuals?

YOUNG PIFF: Well there's a few people over at hot 97 that I met after I.won the summer jam battle that I kept in touch with and a few producers I met at various shows but that's about most of the reputable people that I met either couldn't do nothing for me or I.really didn't get a good vibe with and I never been one for fake smiles.

N.A.B.: How can we stay up to date with your music? Any shout out's you would like to give?

YOUNG PIFF You could follow me on Twitter youngpiff187 comment on something on my FB youngpiff checkout the swag on instagram questcali watch the movement for yourself on YouTube youngpiff. Shout out to my team pc niggas Jack boyz my ihustle niggas and anyone else who respects the movement..young piff got next ja heard hang hang!!  



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