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Bahamian native rapper, Quentin Glover better known as R.A.P.P. QUELLE,
is soaring higher than the clouds. He's no stranger to poverty and hardships
and he musically expressing them through his music. With his notable radio hit,
"80's Back" and "The Ten Cent Hustle" (Group project) and "Gorilla in Tims" under his belt, he's already in the studio, mixing and cooking his next
mix tape titled, "Abstract Art." His music is like Hurricane Katrina, it's going
to take millions by storm. He came down to Miami June 25 to celebrate Super promoter A.D. The General’s B day and compete in her infamous Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Hip hop Showcase at The White Law Hotel. He completely put the rumors and stereotypes on Bohemian rappers. He dominated his stage performance and his lyrics and beat were so HOT! N.A.B. sits down with the E.H.M.P. newest winner. We introduce R.A.P.P. QUELLE.

N.A.B.: Hello, Rap! It's a pleasure to have you here. How's life treating you?

R.A.P.P. QUELLE: Hey, it’s a pleasure to be here honestly. I’m enjoying all of the beautiful things this life has to offer.

N.A.B.: How long have you been writing rhymes and performing them?

R.A.P.P. QUELLE: Well I’ve been writing since I was about 12 years old and performing since I was a kid ( for family parties and my grandmother ) ..But professionally I’ve been in the business for about 7 years now.

N.A.B.: Tell us about your latest projects?

R.A.P.P. QUELLE: Well most recently I’ve been in the diamond city studio in Miami working on the second installment of my Abstract Art series. This one will be titled: Tenacity & Perseverance. Before this project we released two other projects, After the Art: We Are Up and Abstract Art: Quelle’s World Vol.1. All available online.

N.A.B.: What is your experience like with A.D. The General, I heard she's very good what she does. :-) ?

R.A.P.P. QUELLE: Honestly it has been really good. She has a hustle about her, but far more than that her genuine interest in advancing the culture and indie artist is remarkable.

N.A.B.: What else do you do besides write and perform music?

R.A.P.P. QUELLE: Well I spend most of my time with my passion, but when I’m just hanging I’m pretty much watching a movie or reading. I’m really into technology and history so I watch old movies and play video games.

N.A.B.: How did you come up with your name?

R.A.P.P. QUELLE: Well one day I decided that I would have a name that no one else would have and I did some research on the Letter “Q” and found it to be a source letter used to describe the common source information in Matthew and Luke in the bible. It stood for the “Quelle”, German word meaning “source”. The “R.A.P.P.” stands for Revered Automatic Powerful Poet.

N.A.B.: What's next for you?

R.A.P.P. QUELLE: There are a few avenues opening for me as I join forces with the Diamond In The Rough and Cardi Clothing Family. At the moment we are working on giving you really good music and fresh expressions of the things we believe in and enjoy. In the future I plan on using all of this to spread this joy for Hip Hop even further.

N.A.B.: What is your advice to other artists who are on the rise?

R.A.P.P. QUELLE: I will pass on some words that I got from a wise man. Be true to your craft and love.


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