Tuesday, September 6, 2011



At first glimpse you think G-STRONG looks like a character from the HBO series Spartacus. Standing 6’2” 250lbs the average person could be intimidated by such stature. When G-STRONG hits the stage with his DJ Shuttle and The Strong Models and begins to rap you automatically get in tuned with his energy and vibe as a Hip Hop Artists. He has already won two consecutive times at The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and has been nominated for a Top Ten Artists of the Yr Awards 2011. Today I re introduce to you G-Strong aka Hip Hop’s Gladiator.

E.H.M.P.: How do you feel about your recent nomination?

G-STRONG: I feel incredible! It’s an incredible feeling to be recognized for your hard work and the passion you put into pursuing your dream.

E.H.M.P.: When did you first fall in love with hip hop?

G-STRONG: I fell in love with hip hop was when I heard Run DMC’s song “Sucker MCs”. It drove me bananas, and coming from the same neighborhood (Queens), I knew it was something I could definitely do.

E.H.M.P.: What separates you from the average rapper?

G-STRONG: Besides being a 6’2”, 250lbs body builder, it’s my positive outlook on life that influences my creative process. My songs deliver motivation, inspiration and the will to just keep living a positive life despite the cynical world we live in.

E.H.M.P.: Do you consider yourself a lyricist?

G-STRONG: Definitely! I try challenge myself with each verse I write. I think outside of the box and enjoy being creative and using my imagination to really make people think about and analyze my words.

E.H.M.P.: How important is it to connect with your audience during your live performance?

G-STRONG: Thank you for the compliment. Connection with my audience is the key for giving the fans a great show that they will always remember. It’s important for them to feel like they are a part of the show.

E.H.M.P.: Which artists would you say if any influence your music?

G-STRONG: I’m influenced by any artist that puts their heart and soul into their music, such as John Legend, Cello Green, LL Cool J and Mary J. Blige.

E.H.M.P.: I know you’re from Strong Island but were you born there? Tell me more about the Strong Island movement?

G-STRONG: No, I was not born in Strong Island but I’ve been living here for most of my life. The Strong Island movement represents talented aspiring artists, promoters, producers and many others who want to see Strong Island back on the map.

E.H.M.P: Any thank you and shout outs? And where can the fans contact you?

G-STRONG: I would like to thank God for the strength, wisdom and inspiration to do what I do. I would also like to thank my family and friends for the unconditional love and support throughout my journey. Shout out to AD the General & Eleganthoodnessmusicalprogram, AIR Music Group, DJ Shuttle, Studd TV, Ocean Drop TV, Buddah, Shamello, Jamel, How2getsigned.com, Central Station, SIHHRadio.com, Strong Music Group, MD , several artists that I’ve collaborated with and all the strong island artist out there on their grind. My fans can find me at www.gstrong.net, @gstrong 2002, datpiff/gstrong, soundcloud/gstrong, itunes/gstrong, facebook/gstrong, youtube/gstrong and wcm.com.



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