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Young Piff

If hip-hop is dead, bury it where it started. That seems to be the mindset from up and coming BX artist Young Piff aka Quest Cali. After winning the 2010 Hot 97 summer jam freestyle battle he demanded the undivided attention of the underground hip hop movement. Already known for battling and destroying rap ciphers at Theodore Roosevelt high school he’s taken his craft to a whole new level. With his second mix tape “Life’s A Bitch But The Pussy’s Good” covering every corner of the boogie down its obvious he’s going to take over the game one borough at a time.

Growing up the only child with a single mother he was forced to become a leader and the man of the house at a young age. Overcoming personal hardships and tragedies now comes as a positive, influencing the concepts in his reality rap. With a wild imagination, witty word play and an exceptional vocabulary Young Piff is set to raise the bar for spitting bars in a game overwhelmed with gimmicks and no thought raps. With his show performance getting better on a daily basis and footwork similar to presidential campaign, its only a matter of the time before the world knows what a few already know…Young Piff Got Next…

N.A.B: How are you doing? So who is Young Piff this year versus when you first started out?

Young Piff: Everything official can’t complain. I feel like now I see the bigger picture where as before I was stuck on like a widescreen format. I’ve always been nice lyrically but just started realizing it has more to do with hard work than talent. I'm trying to apply that logic to my craft now.

N.A.B: Tell the reader’s, what does your music stand for and how do you separate yourself from other artist?
Young Piff: Its just so me. I don’t try to write shit I think people want to hear, I write whatever I’m feeling or thinking. I have a wild imagination and been threw a lot of shit in my life so it adds up to some creative concepts. I feel like I differ from other artist cause I stay in my lane and stay true to myself. What you see is what you get no artificial ingredients.

N.A.B: How have you benefited from your winning in the 2010 Hot 97 summer jam freestyle battle? How did it influence you to grow musically?

Young Piff: The promotion was priceless. First I got to perform in front of a crowd of at least five thousand people which was crazy. Then I had the opportunity to perform at SOBs opening up for CNN. I performed at B.B kings for the Duck Down 15th anniversary concert. I also received a single deal from Duck Down and was able to be in the booth with the legendary Buc Shot. Not to mention all the producers and other significant music personnel I met at those events.

N.A.B: Now you currently performed at the latest Elegant Hoodness Showcase this August, what was the energy like and how have you benefited from such a platform?

Young Piff: It was my second Elegant Hoodness showcase and the energy is also electrifying. There are always so many producers’ video editors and other artist that you can network with, truly a great event.

N.A.B: What do you think about A.D. The General and the whole Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and what they offer?

Young Piff: That’s my homie right there; she always looked out for the kid so vice versa whenever she needs support I’m there. Elegant Hoodness is definitely the move for up and coming artist trying to increase their buzz in this music industry.

N.A.B: Your latest mix tape “Life’s a Bitch but the Pussy Is Good”…what was the concept of that mix tape? Is there a new project in the works? What is next?

Young Piff: The Title is a metaphor even though life could be shitty it could always be worst so be grateful for the good parts. I just finished my latest joint “Most Potent vol 1" which will be downloadable in the middle of September then I’m going to close the year with my next mix tape entitled "The Social Network". It doesn’t stop us working ova here.

N.A.B: Let the reader’s know where they can find more on Young Piff the artist, your mix tapes, events and contact info?

Young Piff: YoungPIff187 facebook twitter youtube sound cloud Google Skype whatever’s on the internet I’m there. I post all my videos show dates and time. So if u wanna rock out with team P.C I’m easy to get to Ya heard.

N.A.B: Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk with us, wish you continued success. In closing, is there anyone you want to shout out, or give props to?

Young Piff: Thank you the pleasures all mine. Shout out to the whole Team P.C Poppartoz TV Stunna loads A.D. the General and the whole Elegant Hoodness.... BX You feel that...Young PIff Got Next



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