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On December 28, 1982 Ricarion Nelson was born and raised in Kc Missouri He’s now also known as Baby Nelson. Growing up his father was a musician and mother was in tuned as well, with the hip hop scene. Baby has grown to love hip hop since the beginning of his time. By the age 17 he has had the chance to see Kurrupt from Dogg Pound (Daz & Kurrupt), while living in Vegas. At that moment Baby Nelson knew it was his time to shine. Hip Hop became clearly what he’s envisioned and understand. Performing all over Missouri even Texas from the American Pub, club Red, club Rain, club Freelons, Pm Crown after hours, Balancas and many more. That’s not even the half, which means he’s definitely on his grind. Baby has opened up for several artists as well such as, the G.E. family in Minneapolis, MN, Slick City, Dj Statz and counting. “Cover Me” which is Baby Nelson’s first mix tape presented by BG Bulletwoundz was released February 14, 2010. As he says “All work no play” while on tour, rocking shows and keeping up with his studies. One of his present singles out “Move,” has been shaking the crowd. He has also put a video out you can explore on youtube. Bay Nelson definitely has his own idiomatic style. We will get further acquainted now with Baby Nelson now.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Being raised in Kansa City, Missouri who has been your biggest influences as you grew into the hip hop game?

BABY NELSON: My biggest influence was my family. A lot of em was already into hip hop (Slick City, BG Bulletwound). I’ve just always had a vibe for music but Kutt Kalhund showed me how to format my rhymes.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What are your major strengths when incorporating your lyrics to your tracks of choice?

BABY NELSON: Living life. I just speak on everyday life terms for young men coming up.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Give us some insight on your newest single out? Elaborate about the songwriting and recording process. Would you consider this single different from your other work or in the same aspect?

BABY NELSON: All my music is different. As far as my single, I wanted a song that will make people want to move, as well as relate to my vibe.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: You just did a showcase at Balancas in Kansas City, August 27, 2011. What is the name of that showcase and how did you come to know about it? Is there anyone you would highlight as far as putting the show together?

BABY NELSON: Elegant Hoodness Musical Program. Much love to A.D. THE GENERAL for linking me in.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: How was your adjustment at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? Would you suggest other up n coming artist to get on board?

BABY NELSON: Yea, Elegant Hoodness helps us artist with talent and not the muscle.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Since you’ve been in the hip hop game, what have you learned that can help the next artist?

BABY NELSON: Keep your focus and also learn how to invest in yourself. Watch what you except!

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Tell us about your future plans and upcoming releases and tours?

BABY NELSON: Well, I’m on the Mid-West Exp tour http://www.facebook.com/babynnelson and my album not mix tape will be done by Dec. I’m also looking for artists that want to get under the Nelsonary LLC umbrella.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Where can we go here your music and stay updated with your future achievements? Any sites, etc. Also, last but not least shout outs you may have.

BABY NELSON: God 1st off. http://www.babynelsonary.com or Google Baby Nelson, I’m everywhere. Shout outs to my home Kansas City and Shaddyville for supporting me. Last but not least, the Nelson Fam.



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