Friday, September 2, 2011


The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program keeps to its roots in helping artists create a buzz by utilizing the media. N.A.B. seats down with Hip Hop new comer, D Weathers after his performance at club pyramid Aug 17 in NYC. We discuss his collaboration with Fred Da God (double xxl Freshmen Class cover). The release of his project entitled "Going Away Party", networking on twitter, along with the importance of performance. Get to know D Weathers. This is a must read!!!!!


N.A.B.: How long have you been Rapping?

D. WEATHERS: I started performing seriously in the spring of ’09 with a local group called the Horsemen. Unfortunately, things fell apart between the six of us so I joined Final Score Ent along with Tito Montana, and have been performing under them ever since. So I have been performing for about 2 years.

N.A.B.: What separate you from the average rapper?

D. WEATHERS: The one thing that separates me from other artists is my versatility. The fact that I can touch on so many different situations and relate to people in a number of ways is what also sets me apart. For example, I can rap about the hardships of life and growing up in the hood, but yet still be the sweet kind-hearted gentlemen that I am. In addition, I have a way of being very unpredictable which forces my audience to wonder; while still making songs that are straightforward and to the point such as my club songs. I feel like I have the ability to mix a catchy hook and a banging beat with deep lyrics that have value and meaning to them. Where as a lot of rappers can’t or choose not to do so.

N.A.B.: You have been opening up for some majors? Who have you opened up for and how was the experience?

D. WEATHERS: I recently opened up for Mario. The show went well. The crowd was real good, and reacted well to my performance. I am looking forward to opening up for many more real soon. Besides that, I'm working with a few other up incoming artist suck as Saint out of Spring valley, Quan Slim from Beacon, and working on a collaboration with Cristion D'or, Reek Da Villian, and hopefully Oun P.

N.A.B.: What is the name of your new project and when will it drop?

D. WEATHERS: The EP is titled "Going Away Party." You can look for the date that it will be coming out. It’s coming out sometime in October.

N.A.B.: How did you get Fred Da God to feature on your track and where can we download the project if possible?

D. WEATHERS: Fred and I met through a mutual producer and promoter, Drawzilla by the constant contact on twitter. Currently the song isn't out yet. I'm saving it for the right time to release it.

N.A.B.: How did you get acquainted with A.D. The General and The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

D. WEATHERS: I met A.D. through my big brother and C.E.O. of Final Score Entertainment, Tito Montana. Tito was supposed to attend a showcase he had at Club Pyramid in New York, unfortunately he couldn't attend so I took his place.

N.A.B.: Where can our readers hear your music and where can they contact you?

D. WEATHERS: You can go to and type in D.weathers. I'll come up. and www.zillasworld/dweathers


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