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Philadelphia artists have always impressed me, I mean from the legendary Roots, to Jill Scott to Beanie and Freeway to newcomer Meek Mills. In keeping with this tradition of super weights, I have run across an artist and movement that might very well be the next run for Philly in Hip Hop. As if I wasn’t already impressed with there swag and stage performance at The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program artist’s competition Aug 17, 2011 in New York City’s prime nightclub for unsigned artists, Club Pyramid. Here comes Non- Fiction to Da Cypha Radio show hosted by Mr 13 & Mr Legacy broadcasted out in Brooklyn, NY and demolishes the freestyle cipher section of his interview. I mean bar after bar, to the point where all the artists in the building had to pay there respect where respect is due. Non-fiction and BME are nominated for a Top Ten Artists of the Year Award 2011 and scheduled to rock Atl Sept24 @utmstudios. This is a must read, enjoy this and remember who told you first about this incredibly well rounded artists.




E.H.M.P.: Where did you get your name Non-fiction and what does it signify?

BUMPY NONSON: The name Nonfiction came from my style of writing music. I've always been known for telling true stories based on real life experiences through music that listeners are able to visualize and relate to.

E.H.M.P.: Tell the concept to your newest single “whip it to the oil”?

BUMPY NONSON: The newest hit single Whip It 2 the Oils is actually a song by a label mate IRS that myself, Ro, and AK were featured on. The single is controversial as the phrase was previously used in the streets to describe cooking drugs; we gave it a positive spin and a catchy dance that everyone is doing from Philly all the way to Atlanta. Whip It 2 the oils now means going hard at whatever it is you do to make a living and better yourself. As a team Blood Money Ent and Pure Punishment Records wakes up every morning just to whip it to the oils!

E.H.M.P.: Are u originally from Philly? And how do you separate your self from the average Philly rapper?

BUMPY NONSON: I am originally from Philly, however I spent 12 years in Atlanta where I learned to rap and developed a unique style mixing the north with the south. I started rapping in Montell Homes Projects, the former home of Cee Lo and Goodie Mob in East Point, GA. I separate myself from the average Philly rapper by not being afraid to try new things and creating a mixture of different styles of music from stories to hood anthems, while still managing to stay relevant and true to myself as a person and an artist.

E.H.M.P.: What would you say you enjoy more performing, recording or the writing of the lyrics and or creation of the concept?

BUMPY NONSON: Well I'm a writer primarily. I write books, poems, songs, movies, and plays. So naturally, I enjoy the creation of the concept and the whole writing process. However, I do enjoy performing and recording almost just as much.

E.H.M.P.: How do you feel about the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and the opportunities given to the unsigned artists through out globe? And do you feel about your recent nomination at Top Ten Artists of The Year Awards 2011?

BUMPY NONSON: I feel honored to be awarded the opportunity to work with Elegant Hoodness. Luis Toledo from True Unity Productions and Fiya from Airitout Radio referred me to A.D. the General and the rest was history. The amount of exposure that was awarded as a result of my performance was well worth the drive to New York. My team is very excited to be nominated amongst the top 10 artists of the year! Win or lose, it's a great opportunity for our careers.

E.H.M.P.: When did you first fall in love with Hip Hop?

BUMPY NONSON: I fell in love with hip hop when I was about 8 years old listening to Tupac "I Get Around". I memorized the whole song with my siblings and started writing my own songs. Since then, I've been writing and pursuing the dream of touching the world through song.

E.H.M.P.: Where do you see yourself in a year?

BUMPY NONSON: In a year, I see myself with a better buzz, a few deals on the table, and hopefully being distributed as an independent label "Pure Punishment Records" with "Blood Money Ent". In the meantime, I'm doing shows and events from LA, to Philly and giving the people good music.

E.H.M.P.: Where can our readers and fans download or listen to your music? And where can we reach you?

BUMPY NONSON: , follow me @BumpyNonson and you can download my newest single "When You Come Home" on itunes, rhapsody and amazon. If you go to youtube and type in Whip It 2 The Oils, you can see the official video directed by movie director Kevin Townley along with several hot radio appearances and live shows.

E.H.M.P.: Any thank you and shout out’s?

BUMPY NONSON: Thanks and s/o to God, Bloodmoney and Pure Punishment Records, True Unity Productions, Urban Xpressions,Airitout Radio, Batcave and 2.0, Epik Promotions, Honest Phire and OC, Vicious, and all of the supporters in Philly, DC, and Atl helping us rise to the top!



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