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You know when you stand up in front of your childhood classmates and start singing; it must be a natural expression. Coming from Poughkeepsie, NY, I present Quandesha, one of hip hop and r&b dynamic artist. Influenced by Mariah Carey and Beyonce, Quandesha is growing to be one of a kind. In 2008 she acquainted with DJ Red Alert and transcribed a promo based on Destiny’s ChildSay My Name” for his 25th anniversary. DJ Red Alert began to promote this on his show 98.7 Kiss FM mix radio show in August 2008. That has giving Quandesha great lead way in exposing herself. It has giving her the chance to actually even perform on his show twice. Before this, Quandesha had the opportunity to opus with producer Stokes who’s also from Poughkeepsie, NY as well. They have done several tracks together such as “I miss you”, “Shake ya body”, “Street Love”, and “TANK ON EMPTY”. Presently she has a mix tape out called “DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH”. With so much going on the goal of Quandesha is to be able to express her emotions and present her music to her fans worldwide. It’s time to find out more.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: The beauty of hip hop and r&b goes a long way. What contributed to you taking that first step into stardom?

QUANDESHA: My mother was a music lover so she always played music in our household. Some of our favorites were George Michael, Teena Marie, Rick James and 52nd Street. So, music has always been apart of my life and singing just come natural, as well as writing. Before I finally found a studio I use to record myself on a karaoke machine. Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. I recoded at a few studios before actually being referred to Stokely and once I heard the finished product of a song we started. It was a wrap from there.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Give us some insight on what you want us, your fans & associates to get from your music?

QUANDESHA: If you listen to my music you’ll see that my songs have meaning behind them. Most people can related to the subjects I write about. I love when I get messages of how my song struck an emotion in someone. That means I have done my job because what I write and sing. Not only do I put my time, effort and energy into it but it comes from the heart. So if you can feel what I felt when putting the song down, that’s amazing.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What do you think is different from you and the next female hip hop and r&b artist?

QUANDESHA: When you hear artist like Mary J Blige and Keisha Cole you know that it’s them. They both sing r&b but they both have their own sound and stand out. I feel my sound and performance will separate me from just being another female r&b singer. I’m focused on making timeless music. Songs years from now you’ll want to pop in your stereo and still feel like that’s my jam. My lyrics are well thought of and overall produced is produced at its best. The more you get to know me you’ll love the real down to earth person I am. *SMILES

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Who is A.D. the General and what do you know of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

QUANDESHA: A.D. the General is an incredible woman. She is the C.E.O. and founder of Elegant Hoodness Musical Program which helps artist get exposure through the monthly events they hold.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What’s up next for Quandesha?

QUANDESHA: I’m currently working on my album, booking shows, taking meetings and working hard to make sure the whole world will soon know about me, lol. So hopefully soon I will be in a city near you. Also, I’m open to collab with other artist working just as hard as me.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: I hear you have recorded a hook for a major rapper? May I ask who that was?

QUANDESHA: Well I did reference a hook, actually two for Maino through Atlantic Records. It was a pretty dope experience. The studio was beautiful and the engineer was crazy cool. I had lots of fun. That’s an experience I will never forget.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Anything we haven’t discussed that you would like to express?

QUANDESHA: You can listen and download Diamond in the Rough at Datpiff.com as well as my first mix tape Pk’s Best Kept Secret. If you have any questions or just want to hit me up, do so at any of the sites below, I do respondJ.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Any last min words you would like to put forth? Shout Outs etc.?

QUANDESHA: I’d like to shout out all my fans and the people who support what I’m doing. Thank you; you are all very much appreciated. Also I would like to shout out everyone who’s pursuing there dreams. Stays focused, dedicated and keep pushing.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Tell us all your sites we can find out more and stay updated with you.

QUANDESHA: The easiest way to find out more about me would be to Google, Quandesha. Other than that you can find me at youtube.com/quandeshaj, facebook.com/quandesha, and myspace.com/quandeshaj845



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