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Skanks The Rap Martyr

Skanks The Rap Martyr was born on the U.S Virgin Island of St. Croix until the age one, where Skanks then moved to Crown Heights, Brooklyn. During these years Skanks began his passion for the music business. His big brother Goldz was a local DJ and up and coming producer. Growing up Skanks came across artists such as Das Efx, DJ Klark Kent, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and much more working right out of his basement in a studio his brother built. At age of 11, his main obstacle was getting a chance to prove his skills. That would end one day while getting kicked out of the studio as usual, young Skanks dropped his rhyme book. When the older guys read what he wrote, they were more than impressed. The next thing you know,

Young MC Row, which was Skanks first rap name, became one of the main artists working out of the studio. It was during this time that Skanks caught the attention of hip-hop legend MC Lyte. MC Lyte was just starting her Duke Da Moon management at the time with her partners Lin-Q and Makeeba. MC Lyte saw artist Shanks as a good move for the up and coming company, and featured him as the opening act. This opened the opportunity for Shanks to tour with MC Lyte all over the U.S under the name Problem Child, a name given by Flip mode squad’s Rampage after he saw him perform live in N.Y.C at age 13. With a well-appreciated run, due to MC Lyte being a superstar, she was too busy to put her star power behind Skanks and the other artist on the roster. The company split up eventually forcing Skanks to go the indie route starting LaCosa Nostrand and Anarchy Records.

That did not stop Skanks, as he later on got a call from Klark Kent to come up to a studio so he could see how much the Problem Child grew, at the time, which included a session with Columbia Records artist 50 Cent. Skanks and 50 had a little lyrical sparring session that ended with 50 telling him he was nice. If that wasn’t enough to be confident about, Busta Rhymes met Skanks and his LCN co founder Elgee after listening to their CD and said he was a fan of the penmanship. Skanks received regular airplay on New York’s radio station Hot 97 thanks to morning show hosts Star and Buck Wild. Skanks new mix CD Back From The Future is out now featuring the hit single King Of The Streets feat. Reggae superstar Anthony B. Recently Skanks dropped the critically acclaimed Morning Paper feat. Ras Droppa about the issues that are destroying the world and has been getting good feed back from people all over the world.

N.A.B: So tell us, what does Skanks stand for and what is the concept behind the name?

Skanks: Skanks is just a name that stuck with me from my younger days in the hood.

N.A.B: What was it like being in the presence of your brother's studio and the experience of the artist coming in and out of the studio?

Skanks: It was a great experience I learned a lot from them days.

N.A.B: Who are some of the people in your life and other artist that influence your music? Who have you been compared to?

Skanks: My favorite artist that influence me are the under achievers and underdogs that never got that big brake yet like Haz diggz Elgeezus One Click Bang Cash Bilz and my dudes K.Capone, Holy War and Valentine the great (R.I.P) too many to name but not getting that big break kept them hungrier than the average rapper so it kept my sword sharp being around them. I’ve been compared to Red Man before because of my word play and delivery have been compared to Sheek Louch because somebody said I got that don’t give a fuck ice pick music and NAS because I be dropping jewels hidden in that poisoness shit that they love so much.

N.A.B: What was it like performing and touring with MC Lyte and what did you take from that experience as an artist?

Skanks: But as far as MC LYTE she had me opening up for B.I.G, Wu-Tang, M.O.P. and other legends all at the tender age at 13 it built my confidence to rock any where on the planet.

N.A.B: What was it like sparring with 50 Cent and what did you take from that experience?

Skanks: It was a learning experience because even though I won the battle he won the war he went on to blow up and get rich I didn’t I thank him for the experience though.

N.A.B: How did you become acquainted with A.D. The General and the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? How have you benefited from this platform and what do you like most about the movement?

Skanks: I met A.D. just rocking out at different venues she be every where not just her events. We were supposed to been link up, it took a while but now that I been down with her movement and program I been getting a lot of great exposure press and opportunities. Thanks A.D.

N.A.B: What projects have you done up to now and what projects are you working on for the near future? Up to this date, what would you say has been you biggest accomplishment and your favorite project?

Skanks: I dropped tons of mix CD’S on the streets with my LCN organized rhyme family then in 2008 I dropped my own called "BACK FROM THE FUTURE" then in 2009 I dropped "THE FLOWFESSIONAL" in 2010"THE FLOEFESSIONAL2" 2011"MARTYRMATTIC" and I am dropping "Rest In Peace To The Beats vol.1" In October 2011 I think my biggest accomplishment so far I think was being on Young Jeezy's recession tour with lil boosie and ace hood it really taught me the ropes on how an artist and his entourage are supposed to handle business Jeezy team took care of B.I then moved out as 1 body nobody looking distracted and not serious.

N.A.B: Last but not least, where can the readers go to check out your music, future projects, and to connect with you? Is there anyone or movement you would like to shout out?

Skanks: You can get my single "She’s a Bird" feat. CashBilz on ITUNES now and you can check me out on and also like my music page on also hit me up on twitter/therapmartyr and check me out on and shout out my Anarchy/LaCosaNostrand Organized Rhyme Family my Major Moves Family and all my Crime Heights representatives oh and a special shout out to all real Hip Hop supporters like A.D. The General and The Elegant Hoodness.



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