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Greg P, born in the Bronx, grew up with the goal of always wanting something better in life. Although he had a strong love for music, he didn't focus on pursuing it at the time as in he felt that if he had to do music as a profession he would no longer love it. The notion later changed once he met a young talented musician by the name of Real Right in 2007. With a new sense of inspiration Greg P then started shaping his image, and his hunger & ambition for music increased. With this confidence Greg P began tearing down shows in hundreds of clubs and show cases throughout the 5 boroughs. His buzz began to build rapidly, not just for his own music at this point, but for his unique talent and creativity in bringing the best out of a song and making it a hit. Greg P was given his newer add-on for his name “The Voice" from his peers. Facing many obstacles in his life, music was the only thing that kept Greg together. Greg's intake on music states that "Music is not just what sounds good, but what you go through." "This is what makes you who you are!” In 2009 he later found his place in "The Lane” which is a movement consisting of young artist that have the same ambitions and goals as Greg, which is to strive for something greater, such as greatness and excellence. Where will Greg end up on this road to success? It's up to him, but from what Greg P. "The Voice" has stated, "The Top". In the words of "The Lane", Keep up or get flown by!

N.A.B: For those who do not know, who is Greg P and what separates you from the other artist?

Greg P: I believe what separates me from other or most artists, is them being who they really aren’t. A lot of times artist say they live or do certain things when in all reality they don’t. Music is not a joke; a lot of people listen to music for motivation, a sense of security and many of these related traits. Therefore when you paint them a pretty picture and it doesn’t turn out to be that, you then are considered fake.

N.A.B: Now your latest showcase with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program R&B/Reggae event at club insomnia you won 1st place, how did that feel and what has come about since then?

Greg P: It definitely felt great. When you’re competing at Elegant Hoodness and you take that number one spot for the night, it’s an overall accomplishment. At Elegant Hoodness you’re competing amongst a lot of talented artist.

N.A.B: Compared to the many showcases’ you have done before, how would you say the Elegant Hoodness showcase compares to the others you have done? Would you refer other fellow artist to participate in future events with Elegant Hoodness?

Greg P: The Elegant Hoodness showcase actually shows an artist there growth from when they started competing and where they need to be once they grow into the artist they want to be. Yes I would refer any artists in need of a buzz and media to participate at the Elegant Hoodness.

N.A.B: What projects are you working on currently? What are your goals as an artist and how do you see yourself obtaining those goals?

Greg P: I’m currently working on my newest mix tape, I need to find another name for r&b project’s besides mix tapes. lol! It’s called “Take a Good Look” volume 1. The name is pretty self-explanatory. My goals as an artist is to grow and help other’s that want to get ahead in music grow as well. I think coming from a city where everyone wants’ the same thing as far as music goes, and that’s to make it as an artist we need to support each other before we want other’s to support our dreams and expectations. And that’s something that has held us back as a whole. I see myself obtaining these goals by staying focused, hungry determined and keeping the right people in my corner.

N.A.B: Who would you say inspires your music and what motivates you to keep striving to be the best artist you can be?

Greg P: Who pretty much inspires my music are the people around me that look to me for guidance and look for me to make things happen for myself.

N.A.B: What inspires the writing process of your music and do you write your own lyrics?

Greg P: What inspires my writing process is everything I go through in my life. Yes I right my own lyrics.

N.A.B: What artist have you worked with and what artist do you want to collab with here in the near future?

Greg P: I’ve worked with my mentor Real Right, Sean flight, Song list, Cann Cann and the list goes on. To answer your question, I don’t really have a set artist to work with. I’m willing to collab with pretty much anyone that wants’ to make and can produce good music.

N.A.B: Just want to say congrats on your success and wish you more to come. Do you have any shout outs? Where and how can fans & supporters connect with you and your music?

Greg P: Thank you, much appreciated and I would like to shout out A.D. The General, Team N.A.N., N.A.B. and The whole Elegant Hoodness movement. Most importantly my whole team the lane: REAL RIGHT,CANN-CANN,SONGLIST,KEV-LIVE Also my fans and supporter’s. They can all check me out at / also. Thank you for the opportunity to be here. laneeeeeeeeeeeeee!



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