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Kendall Rease aka Hungry, born in NYC, by the age seven knew he would be harlem's own hip hop artist. His present mix tape out is called "No Thanx 2 You" hosted by Dj Sus One. Hungry's singles "All Mine" and the Rick Ross - B.M.F. inspired "Holla @ Me", this has helped juggernaut his way up. There's passion in his words and voice. An abundance of appreciation and loyalty you will percieve from this up & coming artist. Hungry has been all over performing from Santos to the Pyramid, Fusion lounge & Sullivan Hall which he considers will be his "best performance yet". He has also performed at the Jackie Robinson Stadium "The Dome", which was a Benefit/Peace in the Park concert. Hungry has been interviewed with This is and Young Jack Thriller "talking about his voice in rap" and much more. "Get it and Go" a single off the "No Thank 2 You" mix tape, spills a flow of being Hungry for his artistry. It's currently on itunes, go cop that :). Than there's "All Mine" already featured on World Star and Hip Hop Weekly. Hungry is in full effect with a tremendous amount of effort put forth. This effort will respectfully open up that door that places him where he wants to be.

"Strength, Loyalty, Focus"


HUNGRY_HD: Hungry originated honestly from a song I wrote playing around in class one day. It was a parody of the song Method Man, where I replaced all the lyrics with food related things. Long story short, It wound up being hilarious. Damn near the entire school heard it. One of my homies would call me that all the time and it stuck. It really started to take shape permanently though because I was always that super focused dude. Due to what I've learned and witnessed early in life, I knew if I wanted to become anything other than what was around me, I had to make it happen. I was that kid when every one else was on a team, or just hanging around doing nothing after school or the weekends, I was grinding. Whether with music or nine to five, whatever hustle I had going at the time. I got to a point where I constantly felt like the life I was living absolutely HAD to be temporary. So "Hungry" felt only right because of the relentlessness, determination, focus and belief that a life where I can't give my dreams the true chance they deserve, is a life I can't realistically justify as being worthy of anything.

The HD is a lot more simple lol. I wound up putting "Da Don" on the end of my name just to give it a little extra ring. I was always really laid back as well and I guess you could say a bit of a ladies man. So it felt right at the time. HD was just an abreviation for Hungry Da Don. My name was HD way before we even knew anything about flat screen tvs and such. I decided to drop "Da Don" off but of course once people get used to calling you something for years, they're not going to stop. So, in order to satisfy both and also make it easier for me to be googled lol, I made it Hungry HD. Plus my cousin told me that's how my bars are, like I paint a super clear, vivid picture. He told me I spit in 1080. So he started calling me 1080 and at that point, I felt there was no escaping the "HD".

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Where does your hunger for hip hop stem from? What are some of the highlights you've enhanced so far in your career?

HUNGRY_HD: My hunger for hip hop stems from love. Nothing ever moved me like music, hip hop specifically. I just listened to Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, NWA then people like A Tribe Called Quest, Wu, Jay, Nas, Big etc. I wanted so much to be like them. Not like the average person or kid though because people usually want the life and the persona. I wanted to be referred lyrically and creatively like those dudes. I wanted to be legendary, musically. Now its a bit different because there is no one out there that moves me in the same way. I'm actually uninspired most times. Where as I use to turn the radio on and get motivated, I barely can stand listening to that sh*t for more than 10 mins at a time. So now its still the love, instead of hoping to just become a part of the fabric those guys weaved, the motivation is now to try and help bring it back altogether.

As far as highlights, my mixtape "No Thanx 2 You" would be the first. I've had so many set backs in life. So to be able to cross the finish line on that alone, was a big deal for me. Than for it to receive the love it has so far is a blessing. The interview would probably be next. We all know how these blogs get down. You only get on there if your making some kind of noise somewhere. That was dope to be recognized in that way. Very close on that list would be this event I have coming up October 9th @ SANTOS. I got the homies Fred The Godson and DJ Suss-One, who actually hosted my mixtape "On the Bill" as well as a few surprises, I'm hoping line up right. It's looking like it's going to be real crazy and probably the largest crowd I've performed in front of. So far, so looking forward to that!

SPECIALGIFTNAB: You have done several shows throughout NYC, including Elegant Hoodness Musical Program. After your 1st pl win, how has E.H.M.P. helped you with exposure? Will you elaborate?

HUNGRY_HD: Yea shout out to A.D. and E.H.M.P got me a lot of much needed web radio promo. After that win and further more, they just put on a cool event, where I could network and grow relationships. I don't think, well "I KNOW" a lot of people don't understand one of the most important things in business and life for that fact, is the relationship factor. Every one loves to talk that "F*ck you pay me" sh*t. Don't get me twisted, money is great but relationships can get you things and places money can't. So on the strength of that alone it was a good look.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: "No Thanx 2 You" has finally been released. Tell us about the success of your mix tape so far?

HUNGRY_HD: Aww man its been great. We pushing towards 10k downloads. I get restless and frustrated at times because I feel like it isn't reaching enough people fast enough. I always remind myself about the big picture though and I snap out of it. There are people who have had a mixtape out for yrs and still haven't hit 1k, so I'm grateful for sure...btw "No Thanx 2 You" hosted by DJ Suss-One is available @ HUNGRYHD.COM RIGHT NOW!!! ITS FREE GO GET THAT!!!! LOL

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What do you have planned next for your fans?

HUNGRY: Well like I said the show/party with Fred & Suss @ SANTOS, which depending on how things go there may be a bigger event to follow. I've been working with the 'nPlay Foundation which is a charity that helps fund low income neighborhoods with programs to stop childhood obesity. We are putting together a fund raiser which will be held somewhere in the city, still in the very early stages of that though, so details soon come. I got approached by an Indie entertainment company about being part of a reality show they're pitching so that's up in the air. I have the "STAY HUNGRY" T-shirt & Button line which has been doing pretty well, so we are looking to release new styles in the coming months. I have several more videos coming out for joints off the mixtape. I've also started working on the next project already but details on that are coming out no time soon because there is no way I'm releasing anything else til I'm satisfied that "No Thanx 2 You" has run its course.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Tell us something about Hungry HD no ones been told yet?

HUNGRY_HD: Wow ummm. Ok I got one... I used to want to be an olympic swimmer when I was younger. Actually it may have been around the time I decided I wanted to be a rapper. I probably should of pursed that, on my Micheal Phelps/Big Daddy Kane sh*t!! lmao, I don't know how good of a look that would've been for the hood but I'd have the internet on smash right now!

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Where can we find more of Hungry HD? Who would you like to shout out before we close?

HUNGRY_HD: HUNGRYHD.COM on Twitter @HUNGRY_HD. Also check out my blog HUNGRYHD.COM/BLOG its not all bout music I write some pretty random a** sh*t on there from time to time. Shout to AD, FeFe, NYC, Harlem, Yani, Momma H, Vito, LeanTV, Foundation, TEAM H, Suss One, Dan, Prez & Fred for coming through with the event. All my people, anyone who is reading this, my supporters & thanx in advance to my future fans. Anyone I forgot, you know I'm not a real talkative guy lol I'm sorry. NOW GO DOWNLOAD THAT "NO THANX 2 YOU"!!!!



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