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Hafa Adai, (Hello) let's go in to the world of Tatiano. With a distintive language and culture, Tatiano breeds soulful music. He than moved to Oklahoma with his family. Being in Oklahoma he has acquainted moreso with r&b which became the foundation of Tatiano. His first single "Can't Let It Go" bought forth great effort and feedback. "I'm all about making relatable soulful music that comes from the heart" is how Tatiano puts it. SpecialGift was blown when I heard it for the first time. As the track lead off it was so soothing and enlightening. Tatiano let his soulful sound go with the flow very much accordingly. As it was of course time to come again, here goes "Game Over". Omgness, dope track its from the heart and soul all the way. Today it's very much hard to find a true r&b artist. Immacuately on point with every tune, this is a rare breed of an artist. Much success will come for Tatiano due to the grace of his artistry. Take a moment with N.A.B. and find out more about Tatiano, his 1st place win at Elegant Hoodness and where he plans to go from here.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Taitano, where did you get that name? Who is Taitano?

TAITANO: I’m from the island of Guam. Taitano is a very popular, very strong last name on the island. My mom’s maiden name is Taitano, she made that my middle name, and I made that my stage name to, in a way, dedicate all my music and any success to my mom since she made me who I am.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Your very first single “Can’t let it go” is an amazing track. Tell us what inspired you to develop this single.

TAITANO: I was in this relationship a few years back that fell apart. I moved on and so did she, but I wondered how I would feel if I was still in love with her and couldn’t get over her. So, I wrote how I would feel in that situation. My feeling would be that “I just can’t let it go.”

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What do you think makes your music different from other r&b artist of this time?

TAITANO: Well, there are a handful of artists that are keeping R&B where it’s been. On the other hand, there are a lot of artists I feel that aren’t keeping R&B where it should be. What makes me different from some of those artists is that I’m trying to keep the love and that soulful feeling in R&B. I want to keep it raw as far as material, and I want R&B music to keep giving people the same goose bumps I used to get with R&B music in the past. That’s my mission.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Will you elaborate on your experience with A.D. the General and Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

TAITANO: A.D. is a sweetheart. She’s thug, but she’s sweet. lol It was a real honor to meet her. As far as the program, I really enjoyed being a part of the program. It’s funny to me because I didn’t even know we were competing! I just thought we were performing to have a good time and have something positive going on. My adviser really didn't tell me that it was a competition. I really didn't know it was until they started calling out winners, and I happened to take 1st place!

SPECIALGIFTNAB: If you were able to acquaint other artist with Elegant Hoodness, what would you say?

TAITANO: The Elegant Hoodness network gives independent artists like myself an outlet for their music to be heard! My music has been exposed to other regions across the United States that I may not have been able to reach because of the opportunities that they provide. They are very professional and consistent I'm happy that I am affiliated with them, if you are not familiar with them you need to become acquainted.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: I’m sure there’s a lot in the making Taitano, give us a heads up on something you haven’t expressed to your fans as of yet. What do you want your listeners to get out of your music?

TAITANO: First off, I want my fans to know that I’m doing what I do for them. I make music for them to enjoy. There’s no point in entertaining when there’s no one to be entertained by it. Lol I also want to thank them for appreciating my craft and all that. When they listen to my music, they should not only enjoy it, I also want them to relate to it and reminisce. They can even consider some of my music as almost therapeutic in their life.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Soulful is the best way to describe Tatiano’s music. Who has inspired you thus far? Please elaborate.

TAITANO: By far, Michael Jackson inspired me. Even though I would listen to different music, I bought only Michael Jackson music until the end of my 6th grade year. Then I got into Dru Hill which is a big inspiration, Usher, and Ginuwine. Nowadays, I look at what Ne-Yo does as far as a writer, Trey Songz and Chris Brown as far as swag and where they take their music to.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What should we be expecting of you next?

TAITANO: I’m working on mixtape material, just to give away and let spread as far as I can get my material to spread. I’ll be working on a new album pretty soon. Right now, I’m focusing on getting the name TaitanO and Northwest Arkansas out there, since that’s where I reside. I’m performing a lot as well.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Where can we find more of Taitano?

TAITANO: You can listen and download my music at as well as . You can find me on Facebook and like me at , and you can catch all kinds of TaitanO videos . I need to tell everyone to check out as well. Just a little plug. lol

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Anything you would like to leave us with that hasn’t been expressed thus far? Shout Outs? Etc...

TAITANO: I just want to thank everyone for the love and support. It’s never taken for granted. Stay up to date with TaitanO because I have so much more under my sleeve. Get ready! Lol Shout outs: My TaitanO Exec Team (Earl Shine with Feel It All Productions, Amanda Marie, Twin), tEcH and his Verbal Tapestries movement, KB, Koolaide, Drew, Addott Mitch, Tweezy, Mississipi Menace, My mom, dad and the whole Taitano/Sanchez family, my kids because I work my ass off for them, and last but definitely not least: A.D. the General and her Elegant Hoodness movement.




  1. get to know TaitanO you will hear his name real soon shoutout to the EH team...