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Born in New Orleans, presently based in Atlanta Ga, I present Flyboy Stackz, Up and coming hip hop artist with a massive drive. Producer, artist, actor and model are a few of his many talents. In 1998 Flyboy Stackz decided to explore hip hop and run with it. At the age of 16 his first mix tape dropped. Even though that was a great look at that time and showed his habile, life matters geared him in another direction. He went on to enhance on his education. From the age of 19 to 24, Flyboy had to deal with the blows of life. Presently at the age of 24, FlyBoy knew it was time to catch up and that's exactly what he did. "Mr.2010" hosted by DJ Formula & Platinum family Radio and "Sign Me" mix tapes and his catchy club banger "Crank It Up" has gave him his lead way to growth. Than came "12 Days Of Flyboy", "Get Money Stay Fly" VOL. 2 and "The Check-In" which was released June 2011. Flyboy's newest album "FLIGHT" I hear has the "streetz and air waves going crazy".

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Take us into the current zone of FlyBoy Stackz?

FLYBOY STACKZ: Grind Mode, focused on making good music and building my brand and putting my city and my team on the map.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: How did your pragmatic view of hip hop come about?

FLYBOY STACKZ: Just going through everyday life. The ups and downs of life, I’m fortunate to be able to survive and still be here to turn those events into good music.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What is your pertinence in the hip hop game?

FLYBOY STACKZ: I AM HIP HOP.... I live it, and breathe it everyday. I'll continue to stay relevant because I have the ability to relate and connect with people on another level. Every artist doesn’t have that, That "IT" factor.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Tell us about the development and course of your newest album "Flight".

FLYBOY STACKZ: The whole "Flight" project is my gift to the game. Developed from real life and daily situations formulated into good music. I worked with some of the best producers in the game on this project. Its course is just beginning; it’s one of those albums that you will appreciate with time. The older it gets, the better it sounds. TIME LESS.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Do you feel your perseverance has been rewarded so far? Will you elaborate?

FLYBOY STACKZ: I feel like my perseverance is rewarded every time I get on the stage and give my fans 100 percent. That’s what it’s all about. Although it has not been rewarded fully at this time financially, it’s definitely coming in the near future. No question about it.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Who would you give credit to in your journey this far? Is there anyone you look to collaborate with in the near future?

FLYBOY STACKZ: I give credit to my team, my fans, and my family. Without them I’m nothing. I’m looking to collaborate with anybody I feel is making good music. Big name collaborations are cool, but I’m not the ride the next man coat tail to get on type. I’m self made... self paid.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What's next for Flyboy Stackz?

FLYBOY STACKZ: More showcases, tours, mix tapes, and videos.... Stay tuned.... We grinding.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: As the world gets to know Flyboy Stackz, what do you want them to deem? What's the best way for us to hear your tracks and stay updated?

FLYBOY STACKZ: There's nothing in particular that I want the world to deem. Everyone is a different individual, so I want each person to make their own opinion about me based upon my actions and the material I put out. Then take whatever they want from it. The best way to hear my music and stay updated about me is my website. WWW.FLYBOYSTACKZ.COM



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